WuShock: A True Original

Legend has it that the name "Shockers" first appeared in 1904 on a poster advertising a football game between Wichita State-then Fairmount College-and the Chilocco Indians. The team's manager chose the name because many of the players earned money during the off season harvesting (or "shocking") wheat in the surrounding fields.

When it came time to bring the name to life, students created WuShock – a big, bad, muscle-bound bundle of wheat – whose name was derived from a period in time when the university was simply known as Wichita University or WU.

Over the years, WuShock (or Wu for short) has been kidnapped and kicked out of games, and even starred in a movie. Today you can still find him roaming the stands at athletic events and making special appearances on campus and throughout Wichita.

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