WICHITA: Not your typical college town

As the medical, communication, cultural, financial and entertainment hub of Kansas, Wichita can make living in a run-of-the-mill college town seem, well, a little unfulfilling. From huge annual festivals and serene nature preserves to world-class dining and a thriving arts community, in Wichita you can have it all. Combine that with practically endless opportunities for on-the-job experience as well as easy access to industry experts and Wichita is a virtual utopia for the aspiring college student.

About Wichita
  • Wichita combines affordability, short and easy commutes, and high levels of public safety that are difficult to find all rolled into one metropolitan area, making us an easy choice for Money Magazine's Top Ten Best Places to Live.
  • Named an All-American City four times since 1962.
  • Ranked among top 32 cities nationally for quality of life.
  • According to the Federal Bureau of Economic Analysis, Wichita boasts a lower cost of living than the cities our peer institutions call home.
  • Wichita is the 'Least Congested Large U.S. City,' according to Homeinsurance.com
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