For U.S. transfer students

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As a community college advisor, you are an important part of your students' college decision-making processes. We have compiled important information that you use on a regular basis.

Community College Advisor Newsletter
Wichita State's Community College Advisor Newsletter is designed to deliver important updates related to Wichita State that affect you and your students

Resources for Advisors
Get detailed information on WSU transcript regulations, financial aid and scholarships, and more.

Get more detailed information about upcoming admissions events at WSU.

Dual Advising
Dual advising allows students planning to transfer to WSU to develop a plan of study, avoid unnecessary enrollment duplication and receive up-to-date information on admission deadlines, scholarships and curriculum changes.

Transfer Guide
These guides are designed to help students intending to transfer to WSU plan courses while attending certain Kansas community and technical colleges.

Transfer Equivalency
An online tool for determining what earned credits can appy toward a particular degree program at Wichita State.