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  1. ALAblah Library
  2. DBAdvanced Education in General Dentistry
  3. AHAhlberg Hall
  4. BHBlake Hall
  5. BLBombardier Learjet Practice Facility
  6. GPBraeburn Golf Course
  7. BABrennan Hall
  8. CACAC Theater
  9. CUCampus Credit Union
  10. CSCessna Stadium
  11. KACharles Koch Arena
  12. CDChild Development Center
  13. CHClinton Hall
  14. CTColeman Tennis Complex
  15. CECorbin Education Center
  16. DHDevlin Hall
  17. ERDonald L. Beggs Hall
  18. DCDowntown Center
  19. DADuerksen Fine Arts Center
  20. ESEck Stadium
  21. EHElliott Hall
  22. EBEngineering Building
  23. FCFairmount Towers
  24. FHFiske Hall
  25. GIGarvey International Center
  26. GEGeology Building
  27. GRGrace Memorial Chapel
  28. GWGrace Wilkie Hall
  29. HTHartman Golf Practice Facility
  30. HGHenrion Hall
  31. HCHeskett Center
  32. HHHubbard Hall
  33. MXHughes Metropolitan Complex
  34. HRHuman Resources Center
  35. JBJabara Hall
  36. JHJardine Hall
  37. LALake Afton Observatory
  38. LHLindquist Hall
  39. MRMarcus Welcome Center
  40. MCMcKinley Hall
  41. MKMcKnight Art Center
  42. MEMedia Resources Center
  43. MHMorrison Hall
  44. ARNational Institute for Aviation Research
  45. NHNeff Hall
  46. BRNinnescah Biological Station
  47. PZPizza Hut
  48. PRPresident's House
  49. RSRhatigan Student Center
  50. SCSouth Campus
  51. ULUlrich Museum
  52. WHWallace Hall
  53. WMWest Campus
  54. WSWheatshocker Apts.
  55. WIWiedemann Hall
  56. WLWilkins Stadium
  57. WAWilner Auditorium
  58. WCWoodman Alumni Center
  59. PBWSU Police Department

Braeburn Golf Course

# # # # #

Golf clubs have been swinging on Fairmount Hill for more than a century. The University's current 18-hole course began as the Crestview Country Club in the 1920s. In the 1960s, when Crestview decided to move to east Wichita and construct a new facility, The Municipal University of Wichita sought to purchase the land for future growth since neighborhood developments had enclosed its other three sides.

Glen Gardner, then director of finance, worked with the city to establish a Public Building Commission that could issue revenue bonds for the university to purchase land or construct buildings. The city pledged to retire the bonds from the future tax levy to support the new Wichita State University.

In 1968, WSU took over operation of the course and the clubhouse was opened as a private club, known first as "The Shocker Club" and then as "The University Club." An addition containing offices and meeting rooms for WSU's continuing education program was erected in 1974. The club was closed the 1990s and the outreach programs moved to the new Metropolitan Complex.

In 1994, the course was redesigned by golfing legend Arnold Palmer, and the management of the WSU course adopted the name "Braeburn" in recognition of the long tradition of golf on Fairmount Hill.


Architect: Thomas and Harris

Year Built: 1920

Designer: Arnold Palmer (redesigned in 1994)

What's Inside:

Shocker Men's Golf

Shocker Women's Golf

Braeburn Golf Course