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Friday, November 16, 2012
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Astronomy: Universe of the 1920s - Deep Sky Program
2-day event: 11/16/2012 - 11/17/2012
In the 1920s, our universe was perceived very differently than it is today. Visit the Lake Afton Public Observatory this fall for their Universe of the 1920s programs. You will get to observe various astronomical objects through their big telescope and learn what astronomers thought they knew about these objects in the 1920s and what we have learned since that has altered our perception of the universe we live in.

The Universe of the 1920s -- Deep Sky programs will observe dim, deep sky objects that can't be seen when the moon makes the sky too bright. During this program, Observatory visitors get to look at a multiple star systems, clouds of gas and dust called nebulae, vast clusters of stars, and even a distant galaxy. Beginning in November, Jupiter will also be featured.

In addition to the observing programs, the Observatory also has many exhibits for you to explore. You will be amazed at the economic rewards that have come directly from the space program. You can learn more about what astronomers thought they knew about the universe in the 1920s and compare that with what we know today. Or maybe you would like to find out what we know about Jupiter now. Other Observatory exhibits give you an opportunity to: discover the properties of light; touch rocks that came from space; and use a computer to go on a scavenger hunt through the solar system, or land a spacecraft on the Moon. You can also go outside to learn how to use a small telescope or binoculars to explore the night sky on your own.

$5 for adults
$3 for ages 6-12
Under six admitted free
Family Rate: Mom, Dad, and all their immediate children - $15
Please note that we are unable to accept credit or debit cards

Location: Lake Afton Observatory, 20 miles southwest of downtown Wichita at MacArthur Rd. (39th St. S.) and 247th St. W. in Lake Afton County Park. It is immediately north of the lake, just off MacArthur Rd.

For more information, call (316) 978-3991 or email robert.henry@wichita.edu.
Open to the public.
Sponsored by Fairmount Center for Science & Mathematics Education
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Kansas Dance Festival
2-day event: 11/16/2012 - 11/17/2012
Location: Duerksen Fine Arts Center, Miller Concert Hall

The Kansas Dance Festival 2012, an eclectic evening of dance, is an annual invitational celebrating the original choreographer of WSU faculty, guest artist choreography, and the original choreography of invited faculty from neighboring universities in the region. The choreography will include both contemporary ballet and contemporary modern and things in between. KDF will present the world premiere of "Two Sides of a Coin," an original work by guest artist Darrell Grand Moultrie. Other new works include choreography by guest Rachel Boyajian and Cheyla Clawson, and faculty Sabrina Vasquez. "The Company," a delightfully fun and hilarious satire by Denise Celestin, returns to the stage. Visiting regional dance programs are yet to be determined.

Subscription information and tickets are available by calling The WSU Fine Arts Box Office at (316) 978-3233. Tickets for this event go on sale Oct. 26, 2012 and they are $10 with discounts available.

Buy tickets online: http://www.wichita.edu/j/?1801

Open to the public.
Sponsored By: The WSU School of Performing Arts
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