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The following is an excerpt from an article in the June 24 issue of The Wichita Eagle about a Technology Transfer project at Wichita State University.

Heart app highlights ties between WSU, inventors

Monday, June 24, 2013

Jeremy Patterson and Jibo He are inventors creating an app they call the Heart R8.

As in "heart rate."

It can read heart pulses in peoples’ faces. It can tell what your heart rate is even with no electrodes hooked to your chest.

Patterson, who has a doctorate in physical exercise, says the Heart R8 could be a nifty invention for the fitness industry.

John Tomblin is a fan of Patterson’s lab. He says that perhaps the best invention Patterson’s lab came up with in the past year is not a webcam app but a new way to do business at a university.

Tomblin has been filling in for several months as WSU'"s acting vice president for research and technology transfer. He said that what Patterson did in recent months, with approval from Tomblin and WSU president John Bardo, is create a new business, with partners including He, another faculty member, a student -- and WSU.

Tomblin’s regular job is to run the National Institute for Aviation Research, one of the world’s premiere aerospace testing institutes. He’s seen many inventions. He’s excited about the Heart R8 app but is more intrigued about the partnership.

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