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The following is an excerpt from the Sept. 6 issue of The Wichita Eagle. Ravi Pendse, chief information officer and associate vice president for academic affairs and research at Wichita State University, was profiled in the article.

Scientist sees tech as a way of living

Sunday, September 06, 2009

There's a guy in town who is helping to reinvent the world.
He says the PC is your past and that mobile computing is your future. He says that soon everything we do with a PC and a phone and an iPhone and a TV and a video camera and a laptop and a GPS and an iPod and a movie theater will be fantastically more magical and will all be contained in one dinky computer as small as an ink pen.

And with that tiny magic wand you will turn any flat surface into your keyboard, turn any blank wall into your viewing screen.
Scientists and university honchos say he's a genius; he says he's merely a good engineer with common sense. Last year he turned down a $120,000 raise so he could stay in Wichita.

His name is Ravi Pendse. He works at Wichita State University.
He's 49, a native of India (naturalized 10 years ago) who thinks that Wichitans are the nicest and most decent people on Earth.
That's why he turned down that fat raise.

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