From sports and student groups to concerts and other special events, the school year at Wichita State is chock-full of Shocker tradition. Here's just a taste:

As WSU's longest-running tradition – since 1928 – Hippodrome is definitely one of the best weeks every school year. It's an all-school party promoting Shocker pride through contests and live entertainment leading up to the main event – the Hippodrome Skits. Groups of students perform original, no-holds-barred skits with the winners getting bragging rights and a first-place trophy.

That's right, Shocktoberfest. Not to be confused with Oktoberfest. Shocktoberfest is our weeklong fall festival – filled with events like mud tug-of-war, a campus carnival, and a competition for man and woman of the year.

What better way to kick off the school year than with a university bash? It's a week of activities including late-night outdoor movies and the popular Beach Party.

Convocation is the main event of Welcomefest – a chance to mingle with other students and staff, take in some live entertainment and enjoy a free lunch.

In February, a full week of campus events culminates in the Homecoming Parade, a pre-game bonfire and the crowning of the homecoming king and queen.