WSU starting entrepreneur program in Greensburg, Kan.
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The Wichita State University Center for Entrepreneurship, in partnership with Kiowa County Economic Development Corp., the U.S. Department of Agriculture and NetWork Kansas, is launching a new entrepreneurial certificate in Greensburg, Kan.

"Growing Rural Businesses" will start in February.

Designed specifically for rural business owners and entrepreneurs, this two-month program provides hands-on, practical solutions and techniques to grow and modernize business ventures in a rural setting.

Tim Pett
Tim Pett
"In light of the challenging economic times, every business owner and entrepreneur can improve the performance of their businesses by targeting needed upgrades," said Tim Pett, director of the Center for Entrepreneurship.

The program will include small group exercises, case studies and interactive discussions with peers, facilitators and industry experts.

All sessions are held from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. on Fridays from Feb. 3-April 20.

The cost is $300, with scholarships available for Kiowa County participants.

"What an incredible opportunity," said Scott Reinecke of Studio 54 in Greensburg. "Over the years I have looked at getting my MBA, but this is actually better because it is so specific to what we are doing, and they are coming to us."

Greensburg gained attention in 2007 after a tornado destroyed about 95 percent of the city and killed 11 people. Greensburg officials and citizens have since made it a goal to rebuild the city through more earth-friendly means.

To register, go to or contact Dee Chandler, executive director of Kiowa County Economic Development, at (620) 723-3188 or

"Growing Rural Businesses" sessions

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset for Small Businesses - Feb. 3
  • The Marketing Plan: The Roadmap for Success - Feb. 10
  • Developing a Comprehensive Promotional Strategy - Feb. 17
  • Creating Value for Your Customers - Feb. 24
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Advertising - March 2
  • Basic Sales Techniques and Practices for Selling - March 9
  • Fundamental Tactics and Approaches of Merchandising - March 16
  • Keeping a Financial Focus: Impact on Marketing and Business Operations - March 30
  • Getting the Best From Others: The Employee Factor - April 6
  • Strategies and Skills for Contract Relationships - April 13
  • Bringing it All Together: Developing an Effective Niche Strategy - April 20

"The focus of this program is to help business owners acquire tools to not only survive, but to flourish in a rural environment," said Chandler. "It is a very hands-on, immediately useful program that is concise and effective."

"Wichita State and Kiowa County have designed an educational tool that combines significant expertise with practical solutions that will increase the capacity of the business owner to adapt to the changing needs of its customer," said Erik Pedersen, director of Entrepreneurship Communities, NetWork Kansas. "It's a win-win scenario that helps create a more entrepreneurial community."

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