Engineering freshmen get a jump-start with BEETS
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Incoming freshmen to the College of Engineering (COE) can get a head start on their college experience with the Bridge for Engineering and Engineering Technology Students (BEETS) program at Wichita State University.

BEETS is a weeklong introduction to the university and engineering that offers an opportunity for first-year students. These freshmen can jump-start their education through academic enrichment sessions and hands-on activities that provide examples of what they will experience in classes at WSU.

Registration for BEETS, which this year runs from Aug. 8-17, is already full. Next year, BEETS will expand from 20 to 50 incoming freshmen.

Wichita State recently received a federal grant to support student success and retention. The grant will cover most of the expenses for the program. Each BEETS student is also eligible to earn a $500 scholarship for both the spring and fall 2013 semesters.

Students can apply online at

Karen Reynolds
Karen Reynolds
"The BEETS program is a way to introduce students to the university -- to help them make that transition so they don't come in the first day of the fall schedule and feel overwhelmed," said Karen Reynolds, COE director of recruitment and retention.

Transition to college

Because the COE recognizes the need for students to build personal connections in their transition to college, another goal of BEETS is to connect them with faculty, mentors and peers early in their experience at WSU.

BEETS will include hands-on engineering activities and sessions where students can brush up on their math skills.

This program for engineering freshmen will partner with the Office of Admissions and residence halls to provide campus tours and social events. Students will also become familiar with the resources available to them on campus. BEETS students have the exclusive opportunity to move into campus housing before other students.

Ana Lazarin
Ana Lazarin
"Students will work with engineering faculty to create and complete a project that will reinforce discovery strategies and critical thinking skills they will use in the pursuit of engineering degrees at WSU," said Ana Lazarin, director of programs to broaden participation in engineering at WSU.

The overall goal for BEETS is to provide freshmen with experiences and resources.

"We want to help students and give them the tools they need to succeed at WSU, and eventually graduate," said Reynolds.

For more information, contact Ana Lazarin at (316) 978-6314 or; or Karen Reynolds at (316) 978-6475 or

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