The following is an excerpt from an Feb 26 report on WSU's Center for Storage Networking Research that appeared on KWCH-TV, Channel 12 in Wichita. Ravi Pendse, associate provost, CIO, Cisco Fellow and director of the Advanced Networking Research Center at Wichita State University, contributed to the report.

The World Wide Wow
Mar 1, 2010 10:45 AM | Print

How many emails do you read a day, or log onto Facebook? How many text messages do you send every day?  Now multiply that the population of Kansas. Now, the United States. The rest of the world.

All of that digital information piles up. Now, researchers are figuring out ways to store it. Because if they don't, there may be a day when the Internet overloads.

As Dr. Ravi Pendse of Wichita State University said, "Somebody's uploading, somebody's downloading, and all this information has to be properly organized."

That's why two Wichita organizations now work together to save the world wide web. LSI Corp. and Wichita State University created the Center for Storage Networking Research last fall.

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