TRIO Talent Search receives top award
Thursday, November 8, 2012 1:47 PM

Wichita State's TRIO Talent Search recently received the Top TRIO Quest Program Award for 2012. This past summer, the WSU program worked with 30 middle school students to individually create a photo essay for entry in the national DigiText TRIO Quest competition. 

TRIO Quest was created with support from the U.S. Department of Education to challenge TRIO staff to learn to work with their students as they learn 21st century skills. 

DigiText is a short, simple, creative activity that introduces TRIO students to the compelling interaction possible between text and images, and encourages research, reflection and creative expression.

Students create their own digital image(s) and must claim ownership of their original images by providing a copyright statement. If an image is not created by the student, it must be copyright free.

Any outside source material used within the DigiText must be quoted or parenthetically cited on the page and must be cited properly at the end of the writing, much like a research paper.
TRIO Quest is operated by the University of Washington.

TRIO Talent Search has entered summer program middle school students in the TRIO Quest competition each year since 2006.

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Contact: Larry Ramos, director, TRIO Talent Search at WSU, (316) 978-6753 or larry.ramos@wichita.edu.
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