Final shuttle design developed by Wichita State class
Tuesday, November 19, 2013 4:38 PM
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Wichita State University launched a new shuttle system this fall that helps students, staff and visitors get around campus easier.

Now a group of six WSU students has been given the chance to create the permanent exterior design of one of the five new shuttles.

Twenty students in assistant professor Dominic Flask's Graphic Design Studio V class broke up into four groups, each submitting its own design. A team from WSU's Office of University Relations chose the winning design.

The finished product, along with four vinyl bus wraps designed by the University Relations team, can be seen driving around campus starting in early December. The wraps will feature a look specific to Wichita State and will be applied to the buses currently in service.

The shuttle stop shelters will be designed in a similar fashion.

Flask said this is a special opportunity for his students to work closely with a real client.

"This is important on-the-job training that we work very hard to provide for our students in several ways in the art and design program, but no matter what, they always need more practice interacting with other people while creating projects," Flask said.

"I am thrilled that we design students get a chance to combine our skills and put our work on such a large canvas," said senior Jessica Wasson. "I think the shuttles are a great idea. It's a great thing that the university is providing."

It's an opportunity most graphic design students don't get.

"This project is so different from anything we usually get to do in school that it makes for an awesome addition for our portfolios," said student Kristyn Smith. "The fact that this is actually getting printed and will be applied to a bus is just icing on the cake."

Wichita State students developed this shuttle design for one of the WSU shuttles.


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Contact: Dominic Flask, 316-978-7712 or dominic.flask@wichita.edu.
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