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In these uncertain times, you can count on your Shocker family. Whether it be online or in a classroom, Wichita State University faculty will deliver the exceptional educational experience our students have come to expect.



NOTE: This is a complex, challenging, and fluid situation which continues to evolve rapidly. All information on these pages is subject to change as deemed necessary by University leadership in accordance with guidance and recommendations issued by federal, state, and local public health and government officials.

Frequently Asked Questions

NOTICE: Some information in the following section may be superseded by new guidance released by the university on April 2, 2021. Read the release for more information.



What Future Shockers should know for 2020-21
What health and safety practices are expected to protect each other from coronavirus infection?

The university recommends that all students, faculty, staff and visitors wear face masks or face coverings over their mouths and noses while on Wichita State University campuses in all hallways, public spaces, classrooms and other common areas of campus buildings when 6 feet of physical distancing cannot be maintained or unless walking alone outdoors’ working alone in a personal office space; are in their individual room, suite, or apartment in campus housing; or are eating/drinking in a designated area (i.e., RSC, Shocker Dining, etc.).

It is recommended that students, faculty, staff and visitors maintain a distance of 6 feet between individuals to the greatest extent possible. Classrooms and common spaces such as the Rhatigan Student Center and Shocker Hall Dining have already been reconfigured to support social distancing and are being frequently disinfected. Building and classroom entrances and exits may be designated in/out to promote social distancing and coordinate traffic flow. Stairwells may also be designated as one-way up or down traffic to reduce close contact. Elevators have been designated as a place of potential close contact and occupancy may be limited. Individuals should use the stairs whenever possible. Wash your hand or use hand sanitizer upon departing an elevator.

Gathering sizes may be limited based on federal, state, or local public health and governmental guidance. NOTE: These limitations do not apply to classrooms.

What social distancing practices are expected?

It is recommended that students, faculty, staff and visitors maintain a distance of 6 feet between individuals to the greatest extent possible.

Will I be required to have a COVID vaccine in order to take in-person classes this semester?

No. We are not requiring COVID vaccines, but do highly encourage them for those who are able to get them. Vaccines are available for through Student Health Services.

What are the expectations for wearing face masks?

We are following Sedgwick County guidelines. There is no longer a mask mandate. We continue to encourage COVID-healthy behaviors, including masking, frequent hand washing, and distancing as space allows. Get the details on masks and face coverings.

What resources are available if I feel anxiety?

We recognize that this pandemic is extremely stressful and impacts all of our mental health. Look for the many free resources such as meditation and educational tips on managing your stress and maintaining your mental wellbeing. CAPS and #WSUWeSupportU are dedicated to making sure Shockers are heard, seen and understood while Wichita State University and our community take precautions for COVID-19. Counselors are still available to consult via telephone or Zoom to help you develop a self-care plan for your mental health during this crisis, which can be scheduled by calling 316-978-4792. Keep up with what our counselors are doing at @ShockersCAPS on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you are in crisis, reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or text the Crisis Text Line at 741-741. For emergencies, please dial 9-1-1.

The Shocker Support Locker offers food, hygiene products, clothing, baby products and more for personal needs. The Shocker Support Locker is located in the Grace Wilkie Hall Room 103. It is open Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM (except when campus is closed). There is a variety of non-perishable food items such as canned fruits, vegetables, proteins, snacks, soups, meals and mixes, and grains and starches such as rice, noodles, and pasta. A valid WSU ID grants access.



General Questions
Can I still visit campus?

Wichita State is offering in-person visits. We will continue to host virtual events if you cannot visit campus in person. Students are able to connect with us by going to and selecting “Campus visits” for more information.

What other opportunities are there to connect with Wichita State?

The Office of Admissions offers many ways for students to engage with Wichita State. Find upcoming in-person and virtual admissions events by going to and selecting “Admissions events.” Students are also able to view upcoming virtual events and recordings of past events by going to and clicking on “Virtual events.”

Is Wichita State open?

Wichita State University is open. Staff members are available to assist students via phone or email. You can find a list of office hours for each university department at Reach out to or 316-978-3085 if you have questions. Or, find your admissions rep by visiting

How will I obtain a high school transcript if my school is closed?

High school transcripts are not required for a student to be admitted to Wichita State. Students have the option to self-report their grades and test scores. A final high school transcript confirming graduation is required by the end of the first semester of enrollment.

My school is freezing grades. How will that impact my admission to Wichita State?

This will not impact your admission or your ability to be admitted to Wichita State.

How can I send my college transcript if my current college or university is closed?

Many colleges and universities have an option to request and send transcripts electronically. If this is not an option at your college or university, please contact us at or 316-978-3085.

If I want to take a gap year and defer my admission until Spring or Fall 2021, how will that impact my entry?

Enrolling in your originally planned semester will ensure you remain eligible for your awarded merit scholarships upon entry. It is not guaranteed that those funds would be held should you choose to defer your enrollment to a later semester. Also, students who defer into a new academic year will need to re-apply and submit a $40 application fee.



Future Shocker Financial Aid
Is the May 1 acceptance date being pushed back to June 1 or later?

No – be aware that this acceptance date is not a contract or guarantee that you will attend; merely a tool allowing us to prepare for your award. If you are still considering WSU, go ahead and accept the award; it can always be declined at a later date.

Will the Freshmen Merit Scholarship deadline be pushed back to give more time to high school juniors to take standardized tests?

Due to delayed testing opportunities in response to the COVID-19 crisis, students admitted by December 1 (all required materials received by December 1 will be considered) were able to submit later ACT/SAT scores, but final scores must have been on file with Wichita State no later than March 1.

Will merit awards be expanded/raised to offset family hardships faced?

No – merit scholarships are not need-based. They are awarded strictly on academic merit. If you are experiencing additional hardships due to the pandemic, contact the Office of Financial Aid for possible adjustments to your federal aid application (FAFSA).

Are there any special considerations for the 2020-21 academic year, if financial situations have changed significantly for students?

If you are experiencing additional hardships due to the pandemic, contact the Office of Financial Aid for possible adjustments to your federal aid application (FAFSA).

If the ACT/SAT tests are canceled, will I still qualify for a merit scholarship without a standardized test score on file?

Due to delayed testing opportunities in response to the COVID-19 crisis, students admitted by December 1 (all required materials received by December 1 will be considered) were able to submit later ACT/SAT scores, but final scores must have been on file with Wichita State no later than March 1.

I have decided to stay closer to home and attend WSU. Are there still opportunities for scholarships?

You are welcome to reach out to your academic college to see if they will consider a late application. The merit scholarship process was complete before the pandemic and will not be extended.











Future Shocker Housing

For Shocker Housing questions, please consult the Shocker Housing COVID-19 Website.



Will students come to campus for orientation programs, or will they be held online?

New students will complete part of their New Shocker Orientation requirement through online modules and the other part by attending either a Virtual College Connection session or in-person New Student Kick-Off Days event (or both!). Place your Orientation reservation at to begin your new student transition process. Once you've completed the RSVP, you'll have access to complete the Online Orientation Modules.

Where can I find more information about orientation?

Visit for more information and to follow updates to First-Year Programs.



What will classes look like?

Courses will be offered with a mixture of three course types:

  • Fully Online - Internet Instruction Synchronous (IIS): Internet Instruction Synchronous courses require some form of “live” virtual class times where attendance is required for discussion, presentations and labs. IIS may be a good option for students new to college and for those who do best with live lectures and enjoy social settings. This delivery method requires an online course fee.
  • Fully Online - Internet Instruction Asynchronous (IIE): Internet Instruction Asynchronous courses are designed by the instructor to be self-managed for studies, learning and demonstration of learning. While time management is flexible, the course may require scheduled benchmarks such as quizzes and projects. This delivery method requires an online course fee.
  • Hybrid Online (HYO): All course materials delivered online, but with tests given in-person (on campus or at a remote testing site). This delivery method requires online course fee.
  • Hybrid (HYB): Courses with mixed delivery, with some in-person course work and some online coursework. No online course fees.

Students can visit to see how much content is online or in-person.

Go to the Registrar's Instructional Methods page for further information about course types.

Does Wichita State have any technology recommendations for courses?

Here are some recommendations to make sure you are able to access what you need:

  • Windows and Mac: Minimum Core i5, 8GB, 128-256GB storage with integrated webcam / mic.
  • For Chromebooks: Minimum 4GB RAM and 32 GB storage with webcam / mic. Please note: there are some known issues with Chromebooks using a program called Respondus for some courses. Please check with your instructor to find out if they will be using Respondus for their courses.

The Shocker Store offers a variety of options with educational discounts.

Is there anything else I will need for my courses?

To find information on any other needs for your courses (textbooks, supplies, etc.) visit the myClasses tab in the myWSU portal. In the myTextbooks box (located in the bottom right), enter your academic term and the CRNs of your courses, and a list of materials will be provided for you.

View step-by-step instructions on using the myTextbooks box.

What academic resources are available for students?

Academic Advisors are great resources, as are Success Coaches. Either can help answer questions you have about your studies.

The Office of Student Success has a number of resources to help you maximize your potential for success.

Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction (SI) are available online. If your class has SI, consult your class on Blackboard for the latest schedule. Your SI leader will maintain their schedule and hold sessions on the same days / times. If you currently have a tutor, email your tutor for specific information. If you need to request a tutor, go to your myWSU and click on Request a Tutor under Student Tools.

Can students still meet with an Academic Advisor?

Yes, all advising offices will continue to hold appointments. Advising centers are taking virtual appointments and will have in-person appointment available after June 1.

Incoming freshmen: Find your First-Year Advisor and their contact information at

Transfer students: Contact your Advising Center.



Student Life
What will student life look like in the fall?

Our student life team is reimagining on-campus activities and traditions right now. Some facilities and services have already reopened, including our new on-campus YMCA, the Rhatigan Student Center and the Heskett Center, home of Campus Recreation.

Will I be able to attend athletic events and fine arts events in the fall?

We are expecting to start fall sports around the regular time schedule. While we are eager to cheer on our Shocker Athletics teams in person, it is too early to say what fan attendance will look like in the fall.

Official performances of our fine arts majors may still occur, but audience capabilities are still being determined.

Will I be able to join student organizations?

We hope to offer many opportunities for Shockers to engage with student organizations. Discussions are ongoing with Student Involvement and student organization leaders to organize functions and host events this fall.

Will students be able to join Greek organizations?

Each of our 25 organizations fall under a governing council. Each council is comprised of an executive board which governs their member organizations and provide direction to their members. Continue reading to learn about our councils and how you can join!

Interfraternity Council

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the governing body over seven (7) collegiate fraternities. Our fraternities include Beta Theta Pi, Delta Upsilon, Farmhouse, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and Sigma Phi Epsilon. IFC participates in an informal style of recruitment throughout the entire year. On our website, we have frequently asked questions about recruitment and who you need to contact! Visit us at and click on “How to Join.”

Multicultural Greek Council

The Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) is the governing body over seven (7) historically-Black fraternities and sororities and six (6) culturally-based fraternities and sororities. MGC hosts a variety of events at the beginning of the semester, such as the MGC Informational and the MGC Yard. Through our Membership Intake process, you are provided an educational opportunity to learn more about the culture of your organizations and to learn more about yourself. Visit us at and click on “How to Join.” Each chapter chooses their own dates to host recruitment events and pledge new members. Due to gathering restrictions as a result of COVID-19, regular programs may be altered to adjust to university guidelines to keep our students safe. For more information, visit

Panhellenic Council

The Panhellenic Council (PC) is the governing body over five (5) National Panhellenic Conference sororities. These sororities are Alpha Phi, Delta Delta Delta, Delta Gamma, Gamma Phi Beta and Kappa Kappa Gamma. The Panhellenic Council hosts a formal recruitment process in the Fall semester before classes begin which provides interested women the opportunity to meet the members of our chapters in a structured and supportive environment. We strive to make this process authentic and values based so that all interested women can connect with our chapters on a deep and personal level. Even in the face of COVID-19, Panhellenic Primary Recruitment will be occurring in a safe and socially distant format between August 8-12. We will update our website, with a detailed breakdown of how this will be executed as soon as possible. In the meantime, feel free to contact the Panhellenic Advisor, Randi Beggs, at if you have questions or concerns. For more information, and to register now for recruitment, visit

Will students be able to play intramural sports and participate in sports clubs?

Yes, we have standards in place for intramurals and our sport clubs in order to allow these to safely occur.