Campus Development Committee

This committee oversees the expansion and development of the WSU campus. The BOT owns Woodman Alumni Center and is responsible for maintenance of the facility.

Members include:

  • Steve Packebush (Chair)
  • Connie Dietz
  • Dan Rouser

Finance and Audit Committee

The finance and audit committee provides oversight of all financial matters of the BOT. This includes detailed analysis of the mill levy, investments, financial operations and the annual audit of funds.

Members include:

  • Nancy McCarthy Snyder (Chair)
  • Pierre Harter
  • Laurie Labarca

Nominating Committee

The nominating committee develops the slate of officers that is then submitted for approval from the full board. The committee also prepares a nomination for the annual Board of Trustees' award.

Members include:

  • Tom Winters (Chair)
  • Vernell Jackson
  • Keith Stevens