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8.06 / First-Year Students Residence Hall Living Requirements

To state University policy with regard to requirement that designated first-year students must live in a University residence hall.

Studies demonstrate that students who live in campus residence halls have a greater opportunity for success with regard to their college experience and are more likely to remain in school to earn their degree. In support of the success of students who come to Wichita State University, the University has implemented a requirement that designated first-year students must live in a University residence hall.

Policy Statement:

1.  All first-year students,1 including undergraduate international students and Intensive English students, unless otherwise eligible for an exemption under provision two of this policy statement, must live in Shocker Hall or Fairmount Towers during their first two semesters at Wichita State University.

2.  First-year students who meet one or more of the following criteria are exempt from this policy:

  1. twenty-one (21) years of age or older;
  2. married;
  3. live in the greater Sedgwick County area2 with a parent, legal guardian, grandparent, aunt or uncle;
  4. live in Greek housing authorized by a national chapter recognized by the University; and/or
  5. take less than twelve (12) credit hours per semester.
3.  Students who believe they qualify for an exemption must submit the Freshman Exemption Form along with proof of eligibility to Housing and Residence Life. Students will receive written notification of the decision of Housing and Residence Life. Students may submit one appeal of this decision to the Housing and Residence Life Committee pursuant to procedures adopted by that Committee.

1 For purposes of this policy, "first-year students" shall be defined as: all undergraduate students who are newly enrolled at Wichita State University.  

2 For purposes of this policy, the "greater Sedgwick County area" shall include all of Sedgwick County and the following cities: Andover, Augusta, Belle Plaine, Benton, Douglas, Mulvane, Newton, North Newton, Potwin, Rose Hill, Sedgwick, Towanda and Whitewater.

This policy will be included in the WSU Policies and Procedures Manual and shall be shared with the Director of Housing and Residence Life for dissemination and implementation.

Effective Date:
July 14, 1998

Revision Date:
April 15, 2014

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