6.06 / Salary Administration

  1. Policy

    1. Budget officers shall prepare salary recommendations for unclassified professional personnel according to guidelines issued by the University Budget Office. These guidelines are in accordance with salary policies determined by the President and vice presidents. Salaries for new unclassified professional appointments or recommendations for changes in salary for current unclassified professionals will be reported to the Director of Human Resources for information and to the Institutional Equity and Compliance Director or designee for the purpose of ensuring compliance with federal and state affirmative action regulations. Adjustments in salaries will consider:

      1. merit as indicated by performance appraisal,
      2. internal equity,
      3. external competitiveness for similar positions,
      4. federal and state laws and regulations, and
      5. University policy
    2. Unclassified professionals are designated as either exempt or non-exempt as defined in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).