More comfortable, functional and creative spaces

Shocker creativity has no limits—and neither should the facilities they use to develop and showcase their talent. The College of Fine Arts wants renovations in two of their buildings to give students bigger, better-equipped spaces needed to boost their fine-arts skills.

The projects:

  • Henrion Hall: The transformation of this century-old gymnasium into a state-of-the-art applied-learning center.
  • Wilner Auditorium: Upgraded classrooms, offices, public space and theater.
  • New audio/visual equipment: Up-to-date theater and performance equipment that better serve our performers and audiences—while enhancing WSU’s “place-making” events across campus. 

How we got student feedback:

  • Numerous meetings including student town halls, the Master of Fine Arts student discussion group and architectural symposiums
  • Discussions with the School of Performing Arts Student Advisory Council
  • Discussions with the Fine Arts Ambassadors

Henrion Hall transformation concept

Henrion render