Strategic Planning in Action

Christine Schneikart-Luebbe • Student Engagement

Christine Schneikart-leubbeFor Christine Schneikart-Luebbe, associate vice president of Student Engagement, the strategic planning process and the Seven Goals are at the forefront of everything that happens in her division.

Whether planning programs or activities, or determining how best to move forward in our departments, the Student Engagement team reviews the goals to ensure the decisions made are support the goals.

“We challenge ourselves to constantly be looking for creative and innovative ways in which our departments can evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of our students,” Schneikart-Luebbe said. “We are constantly asking how can we best serve our community and how can we better collaborate with our academic partners to support the academic mission.”

Among the programs that have emerged from the process are:

  • The iEngage Lunch series, which allows Student Engagement to continually assess students, faculty and department needs and respond quickly to suggestions and concerns. The iEngage events have played a role in real change, including the placement of College of Education practicum students at the Child Development Center; Commuter Appreciation Days; the Shocker Blast student email; the Graduate Student Social and a collaboration between Student Health Services and the College of Engineering to adjust the TB process timeline to better accommodate international students.
  • A lunch program to build bridges between Student Engagement staff and faculty. Staff are encouraged to invite a faculty member to lunch at Shocker Dining Hall to learn more about their area, discuss collaborative opportunities and share information about Student Engagement and their respective department.
  • Innovative Think Tank meetings with our own team to talk about how we can challenge our own practices, policies and ways of thinking. One of our initiatives from these meetings involved having staff members fill out all of their own forms to ascertain their effectiveness.

Schneikart-Luebbe said her directors and their respective teams have whole-heartedly embraced the strategic planning process.

“They have been open and receptive to all of the new initiatives we have brought forward,” she said. “They are willing to try new things, listen to feedback, adjust on the fly and work tirelessly on behalf of all students. They are the true champions!”

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