Noncredit Classes

Through the Community Education Department, we will be offering these FUN, noncredit classes for the at WSU South in the future. These popular classes will fill fast, please enroll early. If there is any noncredit class you would like to see scheduled, please let us know.


Salad’s with a Twist

Salads are the perfect appetizer, main course or even dessert! Regardless of whether you are a vegetarian or meat lover, a salad is always a delicious and nutritious choice. As we look ahead to the warm summer months, we will be taking some old favorites and adding ingredients (a twist) to show how to make salads even more delicious! We will start with greens the first week. The second week we will focus on tasty pasta, chicken and meat salads. The final week we will learn how to make a seafood
salad as well as delicious dessert salads. Instructor: Marsha Slack, Retired FCS Teacher

Location: DHS   Weeks: 3   Starts: 4/9  Day: T   Time: 6-8p   Fee: $79

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 Soup of the Day

Soups can be used as an appetizer or a meal.  They are a great way to fill one up and feed many without spending a lot of money. This class will not only explore different types of soups but teach you: “Mize en place”- time saving techniques, correct use of cutting tools, and what types of spices to use in a soup to get that special blended taste. You will learn the difference between a bisque, chowder, stock or
broth, bouillon and consomme. Enjoy sampling different soups and have enough to take home
to share. Recipes and handouts will be provided.  Instructor: Marsha Slack, Retired FCS Teacher

Location: DHS   Weeks: 3   Starts: 2/19   Day: T   Time: 6-8p   Fee: $74

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What’s for Dinner

On the go and don't have time to prepare meals every evening? These one dish entrees are sure to
please even the pickiest of eaters or hungriest of families, and most are ready to eat in 30 minutes.
Each class you will prepare a different take and bake meal, tailored to your family’s tastes. This course will explore what to look for when purchasing ingredients, cooking terms, the correct tools and equipment to use and how labeling and instructions are important with these types of meals. Instructor: Marsha Slack, Retired FCS Teacher

Location: DHS   Weeks: 3   Starts: 3/21   Day: Th   Time: 6-8p   Fee: $84 

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