Tuition-free Classes for Senior Citizens


In accordance with the Kansas Board of Regents' policy, students who are 60 years of age or older may enroll as auditors (non-credit) in many academic credit courses in which space is available and for which they have the prerequisites without paying tuition and student fees. Facilities Use Fee will be assessed at the regular student credit hour charge.

Senior citizens must present a Medicare Card or driver's license to validate age. A special senior citizen registration is held after the first day of classes (see Schedule of Courses). Senior citizens desiring college credit or the assurance of space in specific courses may enroll and pay full fees during regular registration. Course prerequisites apply to senior citizens as well as other students.

Senior citizens who have not enrolled at WSU before must complete an Application for Admission and pay the $40 for undergraduate or $50 for graduate application fee before registering.

Senior Citizens who want to participate in at least one of the Human Performance Studies 152 sections have 3 options:

  1. Purchase a membership in the Center for Physical Activity and Aging (CPAA), $50.00 for membership and $20.00 for parking per student (parking is free at the South Campus). Enrollment through the Registrar's office is not necessary.
  2. Those who want more complete access to Heskett Center and Ablah Library privileges may join the CPAA and enroll through the Registrar's Office with audit status in a zero credit hour section. Cost to include ($50.00 membership fee, $17.50 Heskett Center fee, and $3.60 facilities use fee) plus other fees that may apply.
  3. Senior citizens can enroll in one class for full credit at a total cost of the current tuition, student fees, registration fee, and facilities use fee.

Members of the CPAA are eligible each semester for functional assessment testing of their ability to perform daily living activities and an annual bone density evaluation. Membership also provides an educational and informative monthly newsletter.

Please be aware that you will be receiving a 1098-T tax form from WSU. Even though you were auditing the classes and some of the fees could be scholarshipped by the University, we are required by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) to provide you with a 1098-T form.