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WSU west meeting room

WSU West -- located at 37th and Maize -- has the facilities and technology to meet your organization’s needs, including:

  • Multiple classrooms, computer labs, conference room and lobby rental available
  • Space for groups up to 70
  • Weekday, evening and weekend availability
  • High-tech amenities, including Wi-Fi, projectors, whiteboards and computer lab
  • Catering assistance available

For inquiries or more information, call Kim Maxton at 316-978-6777, email kim.maxton@wichita.edu or fill out the contact form below.

Room Rental Rates

Nonprofit organizations receive a 15 percent price reduction

Room Type Maximum
Half Day
(up to 5 hours)
Full Day
(5-10 hours)
Optional Charges
Large Classroom
(3 rooms available)
55-70 $100.00
$85.00 nonprofit
$102.00 nonprofit
Medium Classroom
(12 rooms available)
35-54 $80.00
$68.00 nonprofit
$85.00 nonprofit
Computer Lab* 30 $120.00
$102.00 nonprofit
$102.00 nonprofit
Lobby Table Booth N/A $75.00
$63.25 nonprofit
$63.25 nonprofit
Conference Room 12 $50.00
$30.00 nonprofit
$50.00 nonprofit

*Computer Lab price includes Media Suite Technology at no extra charge.

Optional Equipment

Item Half Day (Up to 5 hours) Full Day (5-10 hours)
Media Suite (CPU/Projector/DVD/CD) $80.00
$68.00 nonprofit
$85.00 nonprofit
Transparency Overhead Projector No charge No charge
Easel No charge No charge

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