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August 29, 2018           September 27, 2018             October 23, 2018


January 23, 2019            February 14, 2019           April 9, 2019

May 7, 2019            August 27, 2019

Academic Forum

August 29, 2018



  1. Academic Affairs priorities – Rick Muma
  2. Academic Affairs office reorganization – Rick Muma
  3. Transfer Gateway – Gina Crabtree
  4. Advising onboarding – Gina Crabtree
  5. Academic integrity process– Carolyn Shaw/ Kyle Wilson
  6. Chair toolbox for enrollment – Carolyn Shaw
  7. New chair workshop on August 31 – Linnea GlenMaye
  8. As may arise

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Academic Forum

September 27, 2018



  1. Director of Faculty Advancement - Linnea GlenMaye
  2. Academic Integrity Reporting Process – Carolyn Shaw
  3. Success Coaches – Carolyn Shaw/Kim Sandlin
  4. Strategic Planning – Kaye Monk-Morgan
  5. As may arise

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Academic Forum

October 23, 2018



  1. Introduction of Leslie Brothers who will give update on the Ulrich - Muma
  2. Provost Joan Lorden’s visit to Wichita State University – Markova/Twomey
  3. Follow-up on retention presentation from the Education Advisory Board - Shaw
  4. Clarification of UNISCOPE and how that should be applied on the FAR -Shaw
  5. Broadening university T&P policy - Muma
  6. Triggered programs by KBOR - Muma
  7. As may arise

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Academic Forum

January 23, 2019



  1.  SEM Presentation – Carolyn Shaw
  2. Chairs enrollment toolkit – Carolyn Shaw
  3. KBOR Qualified Admissions – Muma/Gandu/Shaw/Wright
  4. As may arise

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Academic Forum

February 14, 2019




Budget preparation – David Miller

David gave a power point presentation of the budget process. 

Degree Bound Badges – Carolyn Shaw/Gina Crabtree

Gina discussed her handout titled “Response to questions regarding badges for degree bound students.”  KBOR gave approval for degree-bound students to benefit from the reduced tuition rates for badges and market-based (MTB) courses for the purpose of adding skills beyond what is required for their degree.  Only non-degree students who take all badges that stack to a specific course can use those badge courses to meet a degree requirement.  Colleges/departments must advise students correctly that MBT courses taken while degree-bound can only be used as open electives, and likely not even that if graduate credit.  The Registrar’s Office is planning to prevent all badges and MBT courses from appearing on the degree audit.  Specify exceptions will have to be made on the audit if a course was taken when the student was non-degree bound. 

CIM – Gina Crabtree

An email will be sent to anyone who has a role in CIM and is activating or de-activating classes.  Gina seeking suggestions as to the approval process.  She ask that everyone start using CIM now.

SEAS – David Wright

Discussed two handouts – Is SEAS being deployed successfully? and the Number of Student Entry Alert System Participants Fall Class Sections.

This is a faculty driven process.  David is looking for volunteers to tell their stories.  Anyone interested should contact him.

Applied Learning Degree Requirement – Kaye Monk Morgan

Kaye discussed how to submit the applied learning forms which are due on May 1.

2-Factor Authentication – Toney Flack

All employees will be required to be enrolled in the DUO 2 Factor Authentication System by March 9.  There are four ways you can do it - text, phone call, a password or a key.  For more information go to

There will be 4 training sessions as follows:

  • 2:30-3:30 p.m., Monday, February 18, RSC, Room 142
  • 2:30-3:30 p.m., Wednesday, February 20, HH, Room 218
  • 2:30-3:30 p.m., Tuesday, February 26, HH, Room 211
  • 2:30-3:30 p.m., Wednesday, March 6, HH, Room 218

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Academic Forum

April 9, 2019



Introduction comments by Dr. Andy Tompkins, Interim President

Dr. Tompkins introduced himself to the group and advised that he is committed to moving the university forward as the Board searches for a new president.

Departments at risk for no enrollment growth (UG/GR) – David Wright/Carolyn Shaw

David explained the handout on Undergraduate Degree-seeking Major Headcount Trends.  Eventually the data will be sent to each of the departments.  We can’t continue with the downward trends.

IDEA – David Wright

Handout – Program Usage and Cost for SPTE/IDEA Instructional

SPTE/IDEA moving to a new platform and increasing the cost.  We need to look at other options quickly as the increase starts June 1.  Deans/chairs need to share this with their faculty.

Spoken English screening form – David Wright

HR changed the onboarding process to make it all electronic for new hires.  This process complicated things as this is not something that can be done electronically.  Need to encourage staff to get them done and turned soon.

Success coach support and use – Carolyn Shaw/Kim Sandlin

As a part of the strategic enrollment plan it was decided to hire success coaches for the purpose of reaching out to students and providing support to those who need help.  The coaches will gather information and provide it to the departments to assist with helping students be successful.  Outreach is done 50% by directly contacting students and directing them to resources.  The other 50% is by a faculty member referring them to the success coaches.  The coaches can provide information to the professors regarding the students in their class.  They can also assist students with issues they may be having with professors and classes and teach them how to go through the process. 

Summer courses – Carolyn Shaw

Handout – Summer Course Marketing Campaign. 

Those classes are now in the program and students can enroll.  If the classes are completely filled the University could net $1mil.  As sections get full, let Carolyn know so she can open more sections. 

T&P feedback – Linnea GlenMaye

The T&P committee’s recommendations and considerations to share with candidates and review committees were reviewed by Linnea.

Save the date:

9/17/19 @ 2:30 p.m. - EAB Presentation by David Attis - Managing the migration to cross-disciplinary governance.  Location TBD

4/29/19 @ 3:30 p.m. - General Faculty Meeting - Hubbard Hall 208

5/9/19 @ 3:00 p.m. - Dr. Bardo Celebration of Life - Beggs Ballroom

5/10/19 - Faculty Awards - RSC 233

5/18/19 - Commencement

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Academic Forum

May 7, 2019



Proposed recommendation for moving from comp time to overtime – Judy Espinoza/Rebecca Reiling

On April 15th PET received the recommendation from HR to eliminate use of compensatory time at the University and move to overtime pay.  PET asked that all the senates provide feedback regarding the recommendation.

On April 29th PET received the feedback obtained from the senates.  PET has requested more data which is to be discussed at their next meeting on May 13th.

The 3 main concerns from staff are that they will be forced to use vacation hours for Holiday Shutdown; the potential tax implications for being paid OT and that with budget issues, leaders will not allow them an opportunity for OT.

The only real concern for the administrators is the budget impact.

Both groups stated that they felt the timeline was too fast and that they did not seek input prior to development.  Ideally employees would have the ability to chose whether to earn comp time or get OT.

What is the issue we are trying to resolve? Compliance with compensatory time rules.   WSU utilization of OT pay is 71%; the balance is compensatory time.  We need to make changes to bring us into compliance.  Our current time keeping system does not give the employee a way to make the election between Comp time and OT.

Hire exception request – Marcie Holsteen

Effective April 29th, HR will move to a standardized form to request search waivers, emergency hires and promotions.  The form is to be completed by the hiring department and submitted to HR.  They will process the request and enter the position into PeopleAdmin.  Offers letters for non-faculty positions will be done by HR.  Letters for faculty positions will be done by the dean/department chairs.

Post-tenure review calendar – Linnea GlenMaye/David Wright

There is a 5 year cycle for post-tenure review.  The review should include the FARS for the 5th year.

Currently the deadline for department chair/academic supervisor to complete post-tenure review with faculty members is October 12.  The group proposes that it should be changed to February 8.

The deadline for department chair/academic supervisor to communicate with the dean about any post-tenure review outcomes resulting with faculty member(s) not meeting expectations  is November 16.  The group recommends that be changed to February 15.

It was noted that we need to improve the PTR notification process and that perhaps it should be sent out on April 1 and again in August.

Accessibility exceptions – John Jones

John discussed the Accessibility Exception Request – Summary.  Wichita State’s Content Policy (8.11) requires that all instructional content be accessible.  This document details the procedure for requesting

Strategic planning update – Kaye Monk-Morgan

The last Town Hall was held last Thursday.  The teams have met since October.  Recommendations have been made around the 6 goals.  Some request were made to modify a goal.

The Power point presentation from the Town Hall can be found on the Academic Affairs website.

Over the summer the strategic planning committee will work on the recommendations and distilling the data collected to come back in late September with the mission, vision, themes, goals, tactics and metrics. Working on creating an online portal for each department/college to be able to enter their recommendations and modifications.  Schematic for strategic planning in October ready for new president in January.  Discussed at length the difference between a strategy and a tactic.  Strategies move and are not measurable.  Tactics are measurables i.e. dates, completion.


First Forward Designation – In August 2018 the First Generation coordinating council was established. 47% are 1st generation at WSU.  This spring we were named a first Forward Institution – one of the 1st in cohort.  The council is putting together a webinar.  .

IDEA course evaluations – because of the cost, we will not offer IEDA next year.  Price increase from $5,400 to $55,000.  All asked to forward the info to their faculty.

Close to a decision on the new dean of the business school.

In the next couple of weeks, will decide on the grad school dean.

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Academic Forum

August 27, 2019



University priorities – Rick Muma

Rick reviewed the two handouts – Priorities 2018-2019 Results and 2019 – 2020 University Priorities

Enrollment update – Rick Muma

Rick reviewed information on the handout - Fall Pre-Census Registration Headcount for Day 141 as of 8/27/19. Need 1200 additional enrollments

Updates on research collaboration – Misha Jacob-Warren

Letter from Tomblin and Muma reviewed by Misha. In recent months, the U.S. Government has expressed, and continues to express growing concern regarding the influence of foreign governments, entities, and individuals over federally-funded research. Areas of rising concern currently include theft of intellectual property, failure or alleged failure to disclose conflicts of interest with foreign entities and/or individuals, research collaborations with foreign entities and/ or individuals, and participation in and collaboration with foreign talent programs. Things faculty/staff should do to protect themselves are:


  1. Disclose financial interests and outside professional activities in accordance with WSU Police 04.
  2. Discuss any invitation for any academic appointment or position at another domestic or international institution with their Dean and ORTT prior to accepting the
  3. Disclose to their Dean and ORTT any involvement in a foreign recruitment or “talent”
  4. Discuss any anticipated foreign travel with their Dean, and ORTT prior to such travel, to ensure that any information carried abroad is properly
  5. When collaborating or sharing materials or data with other institutions or organizations, foreign or otherwise, ensure appropriate written agreements are in place, in accordance with WSU policy 04 and 9.03. ORTT and the General Counsel’s office can provide guidance on these agreements.
  6. Disclose and submit for review any gift from or contract with a foreign source to the General Counsel’s Office, regardless of dollar amount, in accordance with WSU Policy 16.
  7. Promptly disclose any potential inventions or other intellectual property to the
Applied learning update – Kaye Monk-Morgan/Gina Crabtree

Expressed goal that every student will complete an applied learning experience. Please complete CIM documents so they can get reviewed by Faculty Senate and complete the process. All must be complete by Nov. 1. All students have a fall ’19 requirement which must be entered into degree works. A note will be placed on each students’ transcripts indicating that applied learning experience has been completed.

Chosen myWSU name guidelines – Gina Crabtree

 Handout – WSU, Office of the University Registrar, Chosen myWSU Name Guidelines. As a diverse and inclusive campus community, WSU recognizes that its students may identify themselves by, and use, first and/or middle names within the campus community, that are different than their legal first and/or middle names. WSU therefore established the following guidelines that allow students to indicate their chosen name to the University community even if they have not changed their legal name.

The guidelines identify instances were a myWSU Name or Legal Name may be used. Transcripts must remain with their legal name, but a special diploma can be issued with a preferred name.

First-year seminar and REAL project – Carolyn Shaw

Record of experimental and applied learning. Chris Stone will lead committee t

Aaron Rife is the new coordinator of first-year seminars. First Year Seminar sessions will be held on August 30 and Sept 6 in RSC 264.

Sept. 30 is the deadline for new CIM proposals to go through the system. They need to clear the college and Gen Ed committees and be ready for schedule building in January. Will offer 60 courses in spring and fall of 2020. Academic Affairs will provide support for overload or in-load.

Accessibility updates – Carolyn Shaw/Linnea

Handout – to be completed by the faculty or staff with assistance from HR to make sure accommodations are in place. Work with business partner when you have a need that comes to your attention. Expenses that are above the department/college, AA will provide some financial assistance. Not having the money is not a reason for not meeting the accommodation need.


Graduate enrollment is up.

Chemistry awardee – will have a symposium next week on their research. 

Shocker Circle Keepers session last week of September. Announcement will be coming soon. Sept. 12 collage concert with reception, 7:30 p.m.

Sept. 12 – faculty biennial

Sept. 12 – dedication for new Honors College space

Reception August 29, 5:00 – 7:00 NASA 1969 Noell in the John Bardo Center, 2nd floor Informational Items:

-Encourage SEAS participation for upcoming AY (see handout)

-Interdisciplinary Program: Competition being held again this year. Deadline: Nov 29th

-Sustainability Plan: endorsed by PET in July, Steering committee and three working groups moving forward to implement the plan.

-Support for Faculty development: AA provides support for faculty development in many different forms - Faculty Fellow webpage has been updated, and so has Faculty Awards page: AA webpage and

-Shocker Share-A-Meal: new initiative seeks to prevent food waste and address food insecurity (catered events are automatically opted in, with notification of available food going out by app after the event ends)

-Elliott School Ad Lab is available to create 1-page promotional materials for departments for minimal cost. Communication students gain applied learning experience through the lab. Samples on tables. Contact

-New Chair orientation, Sep 13, 2019, 10 am-1:30 pm, room TBD

-Strategic Plan update (town hall), Sep 19, 2019, 3:00-4:30, HH 208

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