WSU has offered badge courses for college guests for several years, and is now making these available to our undergraduate student population. These courses introduce students to a variety of workplace skills that are in demand by employers. While you complete the courses for your selected major (and minor), consider whether adding a badge course might help your learn some additional skills that will be helpful as you launch your career after graduation.

Recognizing that busy schedules can be challenging, these courses are designed with some flexibility in mind. Content must be completed by the end of the semester, however, in order to receive credit.

These badge courses are just 0.5 credit hours and are offered in an online format on a credit/no credit basis. These courses appear on your transcript as well as in a digital credential format (through Credly). The cost is a flat rate of just $100 per course. Your financial aid can be used for these courses with the same limitations that apply to other elective course credits.

Spring 2020 Courses:

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