We Will Enhance Every Student's College Experience

What faculty and staff can do:

  • Send students to OneStop for personalized help with admissions, advising, financial aid, registration and student accounts: Jabara Hall, Room 122 or wichita.edu/onestop
  • Learn to identify students who are at risk from a wellness or academic standpoint and where to refer them for help: wichita.edu/counselingtesting or wichita.edu/ssc
  • Familiarize yourself with the Wellness Services Departments and what they offer.
  • Encourage students to meet with their advisor each semester.
  • Take advantage of professional development opportunities to maintain best practices in advising.
  • Understand the learning outcomes and goals of advising, and refer students accordingly.
  • Create and complete a campaign using the Student Success Collaborative (contact kim.sandlin@wichita.edu for more information).
  • Utilize completed Success Plans with new students in the advising process (contact heidi.rodrick@wichita.edu for more information).
  • Explore different department websites to learn about their student resources.
  • Engage with students more and ask them how you can help.
  • Refer students who may need extra support to the Office of Student Success: wichita.edu/success
  • Assume the best in students and look for their strengths; find ways to remove their obstacles.

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