2021 SEM Update - Goal 10


Goal  10  Increase enrollment and retention of returning adult students

  • WSU serves a significant number of returning adult students and recognizes that this population has unique needs to be addressed for them to be successful.  Offices across campus support these students, but the Office of Adult Learning provides services that uniquely serve these students.
  • We see a continued downward trend in returning adult enrollments.  This is linked in part to our continuing decline in transfer students, many of whom are returning adults. As we continue to build closer connections with WSU Tech and our major community college partners, we hope to be able to reverse this trend by making it easier for them to finish their 4-year degrees with us.

This chart shows the number of returning adult students from 2015 through 2020.  In 2015 the number of students in 2,644, which drops to 2,147 in 2020 after appearing to plateau a bit in the 2017-2019 part of the chart.

SEM Shout Outs:

  • To Chad Steinkamp, Admissions, who is always a great partner with the Office of Adult Learning, and  most recently helped judge the Adult Learner of The Year awards and served on the Osher Scholarship committee.
  • To Tegan Bonham, Financial Aid, who helps give presentations with Adult Learning to help recruit and retain adult learners.
  • To Maggie Slack, Career Development Center, for developing a series of workshops to adult learners to be successful.
  • To Amber Anderson and Noelle Wilson, Online Learning, who partnered with Adult Learning for virtual workshops for adult and online learners this past year.