2021 SEM Update - Goal 6


Goal 6  Identify new and emerging academic programming  

  • Departments and faculty across campus regularly assess their curricular offerings to determine if their graduates are prepared for success following graduation. Four new degrees have been approved by KBOR as a result of departments and colleges exploring new programs in response to changing needs in our community. These include:  Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics, Master of Science in Data Science in Engineering, Master of Science in Business Analytics, and Master of Science in Mathematical Foundations of Data Analysis.  
  • In addition, four proposals were approved as part of the convergence science initiative this year: Smart fusion material research, Data-enabled disaster resilience, Reducing obesity among vulnerable populations, and Creating educational technologies to assist refugee learners. These projects will engage graduate and undergraduate students on campus.

Recruitment and Retention Tips:

  • When traveling, considering visiting a local campus to learn about potential new practices being adopted in your area that you could bring back to campus.
  • Engage alumni by creating an Advisory Panel/Council to provide support and recommendations to the department to stay in touch with the latest industry trends.

SEM Shout Outs: 

  • To Dr. Marche Fleming-Randle and Major Eric Hollingsworth (ROTC) for their leadership and support of the Army ROTC leadership program.  This program saw continued growth this year after its launch in 2019.
  • To the faculty in the Management department in the Barton School for the continued growth of their Masters in Human Resource Management (MHRM), with over 40 new students enrolled a year after its inception.  The department offers a number of human resource management badges that they are leveraging to attract additional students to the program.
  • To the Teachers Apprentice Program and Bachelor of Applied Arts in Media Arts that continue to see growth for the fourth year in a row.
  • To all of those involved in the creation of the three new Analytics programs: This was a big effort between departments in the College of Engineering, the Barton School, and the Fairmount College.