2021 SEM Update - Goal 8


Goal  8  Increase enrollment of new fall transfer students 

  • WSU remains the top transfer destination in Kansas for the 9th year in a row, with more students transferring to WSU than to KSU and KU combined.  Despite WSU’s appeal to the transfer population, we were not able to grow this group of students this year. In the past five years, our top three community college feeder schools have gone from a combined 11,600 students to fewer than 9,800.  These declining enrollments has made recruitment of transfer students very challenging.
  • We continue to work on articulation agreements with other institutions to create clear paths to transfer credits.  Potential transfer students can see how the credits they have already taken can apply to different degrees by using our Transfer Gateway.  https://wichita.transfer.degree/app/index.html#!/my/transfer/credits/major/
  • Over 11,000 users have accessed our Transfer Gateway this academic year.  5964 new courses have been evaluated by our faculty to determine their equivalencies to our courses, adding to an already sizeable database of courses.   

This chart shows the number of transfer students form 2015 to 2020.  The number of transfer students appears to be fairly steady in the early years of the chart, starting at 1,228, then 1,225 and 1,207 in 2017.  There’s a modest gain in 2018, up to1,287 in 2018, and then the numbers start to drop, sinking to 1.038 in 2020.

Recruitment and Retention Tips:

  • Invest the time to design and maintain an attractive and informative webpage. This is the primary way that all prospective students, high school, transfer and international, learn about our programs. 
  • Host or support a career exploration event that will help current and prospective majors understand the opportunities available to them. 

SEM Shout Outs:    

  • To all of our advisors who carry out dual advising:  Caroline Fulbright, Patricia Phillips, Sheri Barnes, Ricki Ellison, Tierney Mount, Sherena Langley, Ana Lazarin, Yadid Perez, Mandy Konecny,  Benjamin Donals, Alicia Fullilove, Sanya Wiles, Noelle Wilson, John Sandlin, Yadid Perez, and Jessica Raburn.