Amount of Support: $2,000

Number of Positions: Each academic college will have at least one Faculty Fellow

Application Deadline: Friday, December 7, 2018


As a continued tactic of the Strategic Enrollment Management Plan, the university will be identifying faculty who are interested in becoming more engaged in retaining students. Specifically, the Retention Faculty Fellows are intended to meet the objective of SEM Goal 3: Increase retention rates of degree seeking underserved student populations by 2.5% yearly through fall 2020.

The fellows will work in partnership with Student Success and Success Coaches to help undergraduate students persist to future semesters.

Role Definition

The role will have the following two areas of focus:

  • Active outreach to current students
  • Leading and creating opportunities for other faculty members within your department/college to get involved in retention efforts

The Fellows will work closely with the Student Success staff and within the purview of Academic Affairs.

Expected Contributions

  • With the help of Student Success and Success Coaches
    • Develop an outreach plan that fits your department/college connections and needs. Efforts might include email campaigns, phone calls, one-on-one appointments, etc.
    • Host small outreach events at which students will gather with faculty members to connect with others with similar interests, from similar backgrounds, etc.
  • Serve as a lead to develop a team of other interested faculty in the department/college who are willing to help grow enrollment through retention initiatives.
  • Encourage the use of SEAS among faculty and model the way for others to help promote the use of the faculty developed tool.
  • Inform students and faculty on the existing retention services and resources.

Who May Apply

Tenure and non-tenure track professors, instructors and unclassified professionals teaching part- or full-time from all WSU colleges.

Selection Criteria

Applicants will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Understanding and support of the SEM retention goals and tactics
  • Demonstrated success in the classroom
  • A student-centered philosophy
  • Creative ideas for promoting outreach, retention and student success
  • Ability and willingness to connect with others across campus to promote student retention

Application Materials

Applicants should create and submit a PDF of the following materials to be considered:

  • Letter of application stating how you meet the selection criteria
  • Letter of support from the Dean or Chair of your academic department that addresses how your participation will be included in the overall college retention plans 

Deadline For Application

Email materials to Carolyn Shaw at carolyn.shaw@wichita.edu by the end of the day on Friday, December 7, 2018.


Any questions about the position or application may be directed to Kim Sandlin at kim.sandlin@wichita.edu, Director of Student Success or Carolyn Shaw at carolyn.shaw@wichita.edu, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs.