Athletic Training to Physical Therapy Early Admittance Program

The Department of Human Performance Studies (HPS) Athletic Training (AT) major and the Department of Physical Therapy (PT) have jointly agreed to offer a special program available to athletic training majors at Wichita State University (WSU). The Early Admittance Program is designed to admit candidates into the Physical Therapy Program through special considerations. These candidates are admitted under the following guidelines:

Special Considerations
The AT Program Director and Faculty will rank students on:

  • GPA (must be at least 3.7 overall)
  • Clinical evaluations within the AT program

PT Early Acceptance

  • The PT program will accept no more than 5 candidates under this format.
  • This format is ONLY available to WSU AT students.

1. Graduate from the AT major within the 4-year period.
2. Pass their AT national board exam in early spring of their senior year.
3. Complete ALL PT pre-requisites by the end of their junior year.
4. Apply to the Physical Therapy Centralized Application Service (PTCAS) during the fall of their senior year.

Differences between Early Admittance and Regular Admittance

Early Admittance
1. Candidates in the AT major are accepted under the special considerations.
2. Candidates are ranked by the top five AT students as PT applicants only.

Regular Admittance
1. Candidates are placed in a pool of applicants.
2. Candidates are evaluated by PT program faculty and ranked within the pool.