Learn to teach in the elementary schools through a rich, field-based teacher preparation program at Wichita State University. The Professional Development School model provides real-world experience and research-based strategies for helping all students learn. Teacher candidates have field experiences from the introductory courses through their student internship. The program provides high-quality classroom instruction and time to develop necessary skills in PreK-12 classrooms.

Admission Requirements

The College of Applied Studies offers numerous programs in addition to Teacher Education. Information about applying for the Teacher Education Program is included in the Teacher Education Application Packet. The packet includes:

  • Admission Requirements
  • Application for Admission
  • Admission Testing Requirements
  • Attestation of Eligibility

The completed packet should be submitted to Education Support Services (ESS) the semester before the student plans to begin the Teacher Education Program.

Teacher Education Application Packet

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Program Checksheet
The Program Checksheet will help you track the courses and requirements for the Elementary Education Program.

 Program Checksheet and Degree Plan

 Catalog Descriptions of Professional/Pedagogy Courses

Field Experience Overview

Program Outline
The Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education at WSU prepares its candidates to teach children in grades kindergarten through six. The program is designed to provide strong preparation in the academic content areas of English, mathematics, science, social studies and the arts leading into courses and field-based learning experiences which enable you to develop the skills and proficiencies required to effectively meet the educational needs of K-6th grade children and to manage a performance-based, behaviorally-oriented, supportive learning environment in the elementary grades. Field experiences are available in urban, suburban, and rural schools. In education coursework and field experiences, candidates address issues of professionalism and reflection, human development and diversity, integration of teaching experiences and assessment, technology, content and related pedagogical content knowledge, and professional collaboration.

Elementary Education, developed cooperatively by College of Applied Studies, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Fine Arts faculty, and P-12 practitioners, is a four-year program: two years of general education and two years of teacher education. Well published, theoretically grounded, and experienced faculty work closely with candidates in a rigorous program focused on candidate success. The program is approved by the Kansas State Department of Education; the college is NCATE accredited.