Program Requirements

High Incidence


The Master of Education in Special Education-High incidence emphasis at Wichita State University prepares educators for teaching students with mild and moderate disabilities. The program is designed to develop reflective practitioners who possess both theoretical understanding and practical skills related to (a) the field of special education for students with adaptive learning needs, (b) effective communication and collaboration, and (c) research-validated practices.

Program Outline

The Special Education—High incidence emphasis prepares professional practitioners who can facilitate learning for students with high incidence needs for curricular and instructional modifications so that they will be successful learners and actualize their potential. In addition, the program has internships to provide support for beginning professionals in this area in order to increase the likelihood of their success.

Candidates take core courses related to special education and research, graduate seminars, and a thesis or research portfolio. Courses are offered during evening hours during the school year in order to support working adults.

High-Incidence Program Checksheet

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