Chemistry Education Program Requirements

The purpose of this research-based program is to develop teacher candidates into caring, competent, collaborative, reflective professionals; authorities in the content and instruction of chemistry, the nature of science and science inquiry; and leaders of learning and teaching in local, state, and international communities.

Admission Requirements

The College of Applied Studies offers numerous programs in addition to Teacher Education. Information about applying for the Teacher Education Program is included in the Teacher Education Application Packet. The packet includes:

  • Admission Requirements
  • Application for Admission
  • Admission Testing Requirements
  • Attestation of Eligibility

The completed packet should be submitted toEducation Support Services (ESS)the semester before the student plans to begin the Teacher Education Program.

Teacher Education Application Packet

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Program Checksheet
The Course Checksheet can help you track the courses you have taken or need to take.

Program Checksheet

Program Outline
A committee consisting of representatives from the Chemistry Department, the Department of School of Education, and experienced high school chemistry teachers collaboratively designed the Chemistry Teacher Education Program at Wichita State University. In designing this program, great care was taken to fully meet all 13 Kansas State Department of Education Standards. Within the 13 standards there are 120 indicators. This program fully meets 119 of the 120 indicators, providing students the content knowledge and professional knowledge and skills to become excellent teachers and learners.