The mission of the Center for Physical Activity and Aging is to provide service related to healthy lifestyles to aging individuals located in Wichita's metropolitan community. The aging population will be serviced by using WSU's renown professors and students currently working in the area of exercise science and aging.

Service band workshop

  • Serve as a resource center for care givers who provide leadership in physical activity for older adults.
  • Provide lectures for community organizations interested in the concepts of successful aging in relation to physical activity.
  • Provide physical activity classes for older adults.

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  • Provide workshops for leaders of physical activity programs focused on older adults.
  • Provide opportunities for degree program students to work with the older adult population.
  • Provide education concerning the concepts of active aging to the older adult population through newsletters, workshops, lectures and exercise demonstrations.


  • Bone density screening via DEXAConduct research studies designed to investigate factors which may improve the life-style and quality of life for older adults.

The mission focuses on three primary areas: