According to the Unit Assessment Plan, at least once each year, program committees examine program data to ascertain program effectiveness. Each Program Committee creates a Program Assessment Plan which specifies assessments for examining individual performance at various transition points across the program to make judgments about candidate progress through programs. Reviews focusing on program and unit effectiveness are guided by a common set of Core Review Questions. The Core Questions were created to address NCATE and some KSDE accreditation requirements. A summary of the Program Committee's review is reported in the Annual Program Assessment Report and submitted to the Unit Assessment Committee/Unit Assessment Coordinator in March of each year.

Undergraduate Graduate
Art Building Leadership
Early Childhood Unified School Counselor
Elementary Education Curriculum and Instruction
English Grades 5-8 District Level Leadership
English Grades 6-12 Educational Leadership
Exercise Science * Educational Psychology
Foreign Language ESOL
Math Grades 5-8 Exercise Science *
Math Grades 6-12 Library Media Specialist
Music Reading Specialist
Physical Education School Psychology
Professional Education Special Education
Science Grades 5-8 Sport Management *
Science Grades 6-12
Sport Management *

* Non-Teacher Education Programs