How do I apply for the ATEP?
The student must complete a program application, 3 letters of recommendation, and a letter of interest which is sent to the Education Coordinator

How long will it take to complete the degree?
4 years, no matter when you start

Can I work as an athletic trainer during the program?
No, the student must be certified to work in the role of an athletic trainer and have degree in a field relating to athletic training

Can I take the Board of Certification exam after I graduate?
Yes, if you graduate from a CAATE accredited program. WSU will have a CAATE site visit in Spring 2008 to determine accreditation status.

Can I start the program any semester?
No, you can only start in the fall semester

Will prior atheltic training courses transfer as credits to apply toward my degree?
No. The Athletic Training program is a 4 year program that starts your first semester in the program and has sequenced courses each semester until completion at the end of the 4th year. Only courses taken during the plan of study apply toward the degree. Transfer courses will apply as free standing electives.

How many hours a week will I have to be in the athletic training facility?
During the pre-professional phase (freshman year), the student must commit to at least 5 hours per week. However, during the professional phase (sophomore-senior year), the student must commit to an average of 20 hours per week for 3 years.

Can I have a part-time job?
Yes, as long as the job does not interefere with the required hours in the athletic training facility.