ISEG Mentoring Program Application

The Institute for the Study of Economic Growth’s (ISEG) mission is to advance the teaching, research, and application of innovative and entrepreneurial activities in a free enterprise economy to enhance societal prosperity through economic growth.

ISEG is offering a fellowship beginning in August 2021.  The program will include mentoring by ISEG faculty and invitations to seminars and networking events.  The fellowship will also include a $200 annual stipend, split between fall and spring semesters.  


  • A current WSU student.
  • Students complete a simple application, including a short essay about how participation in the mentoring program aligns with their personal goals.
  • GPA 2.7 (B-) or higher.
  • Students with an interest in societal prosperity through economic growth from all colleges and majors are welcome to apply.
  • The program welcomes both graduate and undergraduate students.


  • Attend a minimum of six ISEG related activites annually. There will be six mentoring program events annually. Most events, but not all, will be on Friday afternoons.
  • Business casual dress for events.
  • Demonstrate a desire to participate in the program and be willing to abide by all program policies and procedures.
  • Agree to a one-year commitment to the program, at approximately ten hours per semester. Approximately five hours attending programs and five hours working one-to-one with your mentor.
  • Complete the Mentee Contract and Exit Survey.

Additionally, there is an opportunity for three students to serve as student leaders of the program. The student leaders will receive an additional $1,000 stipend annually. In attition to the mentee eligibility and responsibilities listed above, the student leaders would be expected to:

  • Contribute new ideas for program events, including gathering ideas from other mentees.
  • Help evaluate program ideas contributed by others.
  • Assist in the implementation and management of the programs.
  • Facilitate new mentee applications to the program.

If you are interested please submit the following information before April 30, 2021.


Year of College:*
Do you have an interest in serving as a student officer of the program?