Barton Business Connection

Barton Research Connection - Summer 2016

Culture and
Entrepreneurial Ventures

Professors John Perry and Masud Chand explore whether cultural factors influence individuals investment in new ventures.

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The Relationship Between
Reputation and Equity

Professor Anthony May's research on reputation, differentiation, and pricing in U.S. Equity Underwriting.

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Stock Crashing

Bad News Leads to
Company Stock Crashes

Professors Rodney D. Boehme and Anthony D. May study tail risks in equity markets.

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Does Easy Access Lead
to Higher Real Estate Prices?

Watch Professor Stan Longhofer summarize his research on whether easier access leads to impact on commerical real estate sale prices.

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Online Chat

Using Online Chat to Retain Customers

Professor David Xu examines how
technology-facilitated chat, such as instant messaging, allows a firm's customer service employees to interact with customers.

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NFL Draft Research Cited
in the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal recently cited research by Barton School Economics Professors Dr. Jodi Pelkowski and Dr. Philip Hersch.

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