Professional Edge (PE) Curriculum

The PE Certification follows a format in which students will be required to attend five hours of designated programming. Students will attend specific seminars and events in order to interact with industry experts and the local business community.

The PE required seminars and approved events are listed below into categories to ensure the students receive a full spectrum of interactions and experiences. Participation in one event from each category must be fulfilled each semester. Approved department categories are as follows: Barton School of Business (BSB) and Career Development Center (CDC).



  • PE Seminar - Self-Assessment
  • PE Seminar - Communication
  • BSB Event
  • CDC Event
  • Networking


  • PE Seminar - Interviewing
  • PE Seminar - Resume Building
  • BSB Event
  • CDC Event
  • Networking



  • PE Seminar - Networking
  • PE Seminar - Diversity
  • BSB Event
  • CDC Event
  • Networking


  • PE Seminar - Career Management
  • PE Seminar - Leadership
  • BSB Event
  • CDC Event
  • Networking

PE Approved Event Options (BSB Events)

  • Schwartz Lecture – Spring
  • Back to Business Bash - Fall
  • BSB Student Group – Spring and Fall
  • Clash of the Colleges – Fall
  • Convocation - Fall
  • Greek Organizations – Speaker Event
  • Company Visits or Conference Attendance
  • Meet The Firms
  • Link to Learn/CEDBR Fall
  • Wichita Trade Council Fall and Spring

Career Development Center events (CDC Events)

  • BSB Career Fair - Spring
  • Dine & Dress - Spring
  • Speaker Event
  • Meet Ups with Employers

Business organization networking events

  • Wichita Manufacturers Association
  • Wichita Area Builders Association
  • Certified Commercial Investment Member
  • World Trade Council
  • Young Professionals of Wichita
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Women in Commercial Real Estate

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