W. Frank Barton School of Business
New Program Fee for Business Majors

Beginning with the fall 2016 semester, all business students majoring in business will be assessed a $35/credit hour program fee on all courses that the students take. Below are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

1. What is a program fee?
Program fees are used to provide support and funding for academic degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Revenues from program fees will be used to enhance the quality of educational programs offered by the Barton School of Business. Examples of funding include hiring new faculty, advisors, and other staff that have a direct role in the education of our students. No portion of this fee will be used to fund the construction of the new business building on the innovation campus.

2. Why is this business program fee being assessed?
As you may have heard, state support of public universities has been declining over the years. This is not just a State of Kansas phenomenon, but a national trend. While this support is shrinking, we in the Barton School do not want to sacrifice the quality of education you receive. In fact, we aim to enhance it. To do this, we need to a) recruit and retain the best faculty, b) ensure that our class sizes do not keep increasing because of our inability to hire additional faculty, and c) hire additional advisors and staff needed to service our students to the best of our ability.

3. But isn't that what we pay tuition for?
Revenue from program fees flow directly to the Barton School. Tuition revenue, on the other hand, is distributed by the university to various academic and support services based on annual budgets. For example, a portion of the tuition revenue may be used by the office of admissions, university operations, facilities, student life, and other such units on campus. Tuition revenue is also used, in part, for faculty and staff salaries.

4. Why was I not informed about this earlier?
The Dean of the Barton School met with leaders of the various business student organizations on November 30, 2015. Three additional open meetings were held on February 23, March 2, and March 3, 2016. These meetings were announced by our advisors and also displayed on the monitors, bulletin boards, and other locations in Clinton Hall. The amount of the fee was unclear for these discussions in the student meetings because tuition had not been determined. In June 2016, the Kansas Board of Regents approved the business program fee of $35 per credit hour.

5. How is the business program fee assessed?
Beginning with the fall 2016 semester, a program fee of $35 per credit hour applies to all courses (business and non-business) that business students take. Students will be billed for this fee along with their tuition. Note: The course fee of $26 per credit hour charged prior to fall 2016 has been eliminated.

6. Does the program fee apply if I take an on-line course at WSU?
Yes. Further, students will also have to pay the University's on-line course fee to support the infrastructure needed for these on-line courses.

7. Will I get a refund of the program fee if I drop a course?
The refund policy for the business program fee will follow the same university refund schedule as general tuition.

8. I am a business student majoring in two of the school's majors and will be receiving two diplomas (e.g. accounting and finance). Will I be assessed the program fee twice?