2014 Shocker New Venture Competition Overview

2014 SNVC Winner

Fast Facts

  • The competition began in late February, with 68 teams filing intent-to-compete forms.
  • Based on two-page business summaries, the field was narrow to 32 teams, who then submitted 10-page business plans, including financial projections.
  • Twenty teams were selected to exhibit in the trade show.
  • Eight teams advanced to the semifinals.
  • Approximately 200 judges participated.

2014 Winners

1st Place: Pocket Closet
Team: Yola Robert
Faculty Advisor: Kirk Ring

Shoppers scan barcodes of products (clothes, shoes, accessories) upon which Pocket Closet will automatically retrieve items within user location. If users purchase an item they can “hang it” to My Closet where their wardrobe can be organized. Users will be able to share their purchases and outfits through Facebook and Twitter. Push notifications will allow Pocket Closet to notify users when they are near stores that have items that complement their current wardrobe or carry items on their wish list.

2nd Place: iNOv8v Health Technologies
(also recipient of Healthcare Innovation Award)
Team: Heidi VanRavenhorst-Bell
Faculty Advisor: Jeremy Patterson

INOv8v Health Technologies patent pending physiological assessment and biofeedback fitness system provides API interface software to control and adjust cardiovascular fitness equipment based on physiological biofeedback. Their non-invasive, electrode-free and strap-free system continuously captures physiological measures (e.g., heart rate, respiration rate, lactate threshold) with the use of a webcam, smartphone- or tablet camera then provided feedback.

3rd Place: Smart Water Irrigation
(also recipient of Healthcare Innovation Award)
Team: Team: Scott Sutherland, Amanda Henning, Trevor Darmstetter, Landon Unruh, Pieran Yang
Faculty Advisor: Chris Broberg

Smart Water Irrigation sells The Lawn General, a sprinkler monitoring system that uses real time data to ensure optimal water and can lower water usage by up to 42 percent.

4th Place: Angel Drive
(also recipient of Technology Innovation Award)
Team: Jake Ellis, Christina Siu
Faculty Advisor: Jibo He

Angel Drive provides mobile technology to improve driving safety. Its Fatigue Alert app detects drowsy drivers by monitoring visual indicators of drowsiness such as head nodding, head rotation, and eye blinks. If it detects drowsiness, the driver is alerted. The Fatigue Alert app has been developed for iPhone, Android, and Google Glass.

Limousine Pitch Award: CardioKite
Team: David Jorgensen
Faculty Advisor: Jeremy Patterson

The CardioKite a small, disposable, and non-invasive device that measures an athlete’s ECG trace to determine if the individual is at risk for exercise induced sudden cardiac arrest.

Director’s Trade Show Award: The Right Step
Team: Curtis Weis, Luke Barnhart, Stratton Lange, Truong Nguyen
Faculty Advisor: Gaylen Chandler

The Right Step is an innovation to increase safety in the use of an ordinary medical walker by correcting position and form.


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