2016 Shocker New Venture

Competition Overview

2016 SNVC Winners Quickdraw Studios

Fast Facts

  • The competition began in late February, with 63 teams applying.
  • A total of 139 judges participated.
  • Based on two-page business summaries, the competition was down to 36 teams who then submitted a 10 page business plan.
  • A total of 16 teams advanced to the Trade Show.
  • 6 Finalists competed in the Final Round.

2016 Winners

1st Place: Quickdraw Studios LLC
Team: Nicolas Gallo, Cody Harryman, Brian Foster
Faculty Advisor: James Wolff, Ph.D.

Ouickdraw Studios, LLC designs and creates custom arcade games and event hosting Applications for bars and restaurants to use as tools for engaging customers.

2nd Place: Lawn Buddy
Team: Brandon Light, Steven Harader, Sonya Werner, Steven Werner
Faculty Advisor: Gaylen Chandler, Ph.D.

Lawn Buddy is a veteran owned startup that provides year round, on-demand lawn care services. We connect lawn care providers, "Lawntrepreneurs" to homeowners, via a user-friendly app and website.

3rd Place: PayPer Park
Team:Tomas Banuelos, Galye Gillet, Eric Hostetler, Reed Schimmel
Faculty Advisor: Steven Skinner, Ph.D.

PayPer Park uses automated license plate recognition software to improve the parking experience on campus by reducing time and resources wasted on parking enforcement and reducing costs for students.

4th Place: Armor
Team: Michael Onnen, Steven Reust, Nathan Smith, Taylor Ward
Faculty Advisor: Chris Broberg, Ph.D.

ARMOR is a personal safety alarm that omits a 120-decibel alarm once two buttons are activated simultaneously. Additionally, ARMOR transmits an emergency alert to predefined contacts using Bluetooth® capabilities.

Health Care Award: Nanofit
Peoples Choice Award: Nanofit
Faculty Advisor: Nils Hakansson, Ph.D.
Director's Award for Trade Show Excellence: Lawn Buddy
Faculty Advisor: Gaylen Chandler. Ph.D.


2016 Shocker New Venture Competition Trade Show

2016 Shocker New Venture Competition Final Round