World Trade Council of Wichita was organized in 1975-76 by co-founders Dr.Lee Nehrt, Dr.Dharma De Silva and Dean Larry McKibbin at the Wichita Area Chamber of Commerce with eleven area MNCs to promote international trade and investment in Greater Wichita and South Central Kansas. WTCouncil was instrumental in making Wichita a US Customs Port-of-Entry and assisted in the establishment of the M-A World Trade Center.

Today, the council is affiliated with Wichita State Barton School of Business' Center for International Business Advancement [CIBA] and the Wichita Metro Chamber. In its 40-year history, CIBA and WTCouncil's unique strategic alliance has organized and conducted over 500 country and company trade events and 150 international educational seminars.

President's "E" Award (1987)

The "E" Award stands for Excellence, Expansion, Effort and Exports, and-- over the past three decades-- has come to symbolize the finest in American commerce and stands as a reminder of the ever increasing importance and value of participation in the global marketplace.

President's "E" Award logo from 1987.

"E Star" Award (1991)

World Trade Council of Wichita was given an “E Star” Award in 1991 for creating a strategic alliance between the local Chamber of Commerce, Wichita State University and eleven multinational firms to engender international trade. The council is the only service organization in 1991 to win the “E Star,” the highest honor bestowed on an export organization by the Commerce Department. Among U.S. cities, Wichita has the 29th largest export work force, accounting for some 20,000 manufacturing jobs and another 26,000 jobs in transportation, communication and merchandising, according to a 1988 survey by the Commerce Department. The council has sponsored trade missions to many major export markets and works to attract overseas buyers to Wichita.

"E Star" Award logo from 1991.