Mission & Goals

Preamble: World Trade Council of Wichita, Inc. (WTCouncil) is organized exclusively as a non-profit organization, affiliated to the Center for International Business Advancement (CIBA), Barton School of Business, Wichita State University and Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce, and now proven as a successful strategic alliance of public-private centric partnership.

Mission: WTCouncil works with CIBA to foster the work and ideals of international business via export educational seminars, country and/or agency trade programs, and company specific international trade, export strategy and success case studies as role models and best practices in advancing international business.

Objectives and Goals
• Provide a forum for networking and exchanging professional experiences among members and visiting country ambassadors, consuls general, trade commissioners, and trade agencies or specialists, via monthly meetings
• Present country, company and/or agency trade programs with best market prospects by organizing visiting country and networking receptions, seminars and annual US-proclaimed World Trade Week
• Advocate policy positions on trade issues (e.g. exports, imports, trade barriers) and public policy legislation
• Update Kansas International Trade databank (maintained by CIBA, initiated by USED/BIE grants) conduct periodic surveys to accurately portray “Kansas Export Profile, Problems and Prospects,” nominate member firms for i=International Business Excellence Awards (IBEA) for export or service accomplishments, and identify issues or topics for research by faculty for studies through executive guest lectures, internships, facilitating participation in WTCouncil events, course-related research and faculty-directed Wichita business case development
• Identify opportunities for trade and cultural missions, encourage participation from members, companies, and report council's activity to the media and our website
• Bring an awareness of international business and develop future talent and human resources through involvement of high school students in internationalization events, international business scholarships or internships for WSU students, particularly those majoring or minoring in International Business and International Business Studies Association (IBSA) members
• Offer study abroad scholarships through the established “Dr. DeSilva International Business Scholarship Endowment” at WSU Foundation
• Offer opportunities for IBSA students to be trained to assist in the conduct of WTCouncil operations and events. After graduation, these students are eagerly sought by area companies and many have excelled in executive positions and as entrepreneurs in the US and abroad
• Serve as an advisory council to the WSU Center for International Business Advancement (CIBA) – US Department of Education BIE Grants (1987 – 2013), develop strategies to internationalization of business education at universities and industry practice to meet global competition and contribute to business and economic growth

To this end, WTCouncil will cooperate with Center for International Business Advancement, International Business Studies Association, Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce, Kansas State Governors, City of Wichita mayors and Sedgewick County Commissioners' Economic and Trade committees, USDOC-EAC and M-A DEC, KDOC and KS ITCC, embassies, consulates, general, trade agencies which foster develop and encourage the same purposes, goals, international business work and ideals, and to advance international business education and business/export practices and economic development.

THANK YOU to the continued support of WTCouncil Executive Board of Directors, country and company sponsors and event contributors, 10,000 members and business executives participating in some 500 country/company/trade agency programs, and over 150 export-related seminars in its near 40-year history, enable national recognition by USED grants, and by two US President's “E” and “E-Star” Awards for professional export education and service excellence.