Barrel Aged Craft Beers

Join other beer enthusiasts as we delve deep into what makes barrel aged beers so unique. We will sample all styles of experiential beers aged in different kinds of whiskey and bourbon barrels, wine barrels, oak barrels and some beers aged in brandy or even cognac. The choices will open your eyes to the craft beer world. We will be using the Siebel Institute Barrel Aged Sensory Kit, which includes a total of 12 compounds that cover a variety of common flavors that may be associated with the process of aging beer in barrels. These compounds include: almond (Marzipan), coconut, vanilla, fruity, natural wood, sweet, plum, spicy, peat-like, smoky, medicinal, dill, earthy, whiskey or bourbon (Boozy), oakey, rum-like, green custard powder, resinous, phenolic, barnyard (Horsey), brett related flavors, wine-like and caramel. You must be at least 21 years of age to enroll. Instructor: Rob Miller, Goebel Liquor  

Location: HMC   Weeks: 4   Starts: 3/6   Day: W   Time: 7-9p   Fee: $149


Mixology for Real Life 

Ever wondered what all this shaken, stirred, wet, dry, muddled, rocks and neat lingo meant? Do you love cocktails, but feel a bit overwhelmed by all the gadgets, recipes and ingredient choices? If you said yes, this is the class for you. In this two week course, students will learn practical tricks of bartending, while using simple ingredients and equipment you probably already have laying around the house. Once we have mastered the basics, participants will be introduced to the art of mixology and begin to explore the creation of popular flavor combinations like sangria, margarita, the Moscow mule and more. You must be at least 21 years of age to enroll.  Instructor: Trisha Thomas, Mixologist 

Location: HMC   Weeks: 2   Starts: 4/5   Day: F   Time: 7-9p   Fee: $79


Introduction to Specialty Coffee

Whether you are a coffee novice, enthusiast or budding barista, this class if for you. Join local coffee aficionado, Andrew Gough as we explore all things coffee! This four week class includes: Introduction to Specialty Coffee- the history of coffee and a tour of the Reverie Café and roasting plant; Coffee: Art and Science- coffee extration, origins and brewing; Coffee Shop Etiquette- roastin and roasts, café ordering and experience; and Home Brewing Made Easy- essentials of great coffee at home, grinder, coffee and water (and patience), pairing food and coffee and entertaining with coffee. Students will sample and taste a variety of coffees/espressos each week.  Instructor: Andrew Gough, Reverie Coffee Roasters

Location: RCR   Weeks: 4   Starts: 3/18  Day: M   Time: 7-9p   Fee: $84



Soup of the Day

Soups can be used as an appetizer or a meal.  They are a great way to fill one up and feed many without spending a lot of money. This class will not only explore different types of soups but teach you: “Mize en place”- time saving techniques, correct use of cutting tools, and what types of spices to use in a soup to get that special blended taste. You will learn the difference between a bisque, chowder, stock or
broth, bouillon and consomme. Enjoy sampling different soups and have enough to take home
to share. Recipes and handouts will be provided.  Instructor: Marsha Slack, Retired FCS Teacher

Location: HMC   Weeks: 3   Starts: 2/26   Day: T   Time: 6-8p   Fee: $74


Port and Sherry 

This class will offer attendees the unique opportunity to learn about these often misunderstood and overlooked historically great wines. You will learn about the region, production and styles for both of these wine types as well as the history of some of the premier producers in each region. Both classes
will conclude with a guided tasting of an array of fine wine examples paired with a selection of complimentary food items. You will leave each class with an appreciation for these splendid wines and a love of their country of origin. You must be at least 21 years of age to enroll. Instructor: Guy Bower, Level-1 Sommelier, Host of The Good Life radio program on KNSS, Founding Chairman, Wichita Chapter
of the American Institute of Wine & Food 

February 4 “Port – The rich wine that made Portugal famous”
February 11 “Sherry – Sunshine from the South of Spain”

Both classes include a small plate of complimentary food items to enhance the wine!

Location: HMC   Weeks: 2   Starts: 2/4   Day: M   Time: 7-9p   Fee: $89


Varietal Comparison

This class will provide an in-depth overview of a specific grape variety, its origins, history and flavor profile. We will discuss the factors that dictate price to include vineyard location and pedigree, label recognition and track record, awards and 100-point number ratings as well as availability based on production. We will also discuss what makes one wine inexpensive and another of the same grape variety, made in the same general growing region, very expensive.  Each class will include a thoughtful guided tasting of six or seven wines highlighting the differences and similarities and the reasoning
behind both. You must be at least 21 years of age to enroll. Instructor: Guy Bower, Level-1
Sommelier, Host of The Good Life radio program on KNSS, Founding Chairman, Wichita Chapter
of the American Institute of Wine & Food 

March 4 “Cabernet – The King of Red grapes”
March 11 “Merlot – Often Misunderstood Splendid Red”

Location: HMC   Weeks: 2   Starts: 3/4   Day: M   Time: 7-9p   Fee: $79


Salads with a Twist 

Salads are the perfect appetizer, main course or even dessert! Regardless of whether you are a vegetarian or meat lover, a salad is always a delicious and nutritious choice. As we look ahead to the warm summer months, we will be taking some old favorites and adding ingredients (a twist) to show how to make salads even more delicious! We will start with greens the first week. The second week we will focus on tasty pasta, chicken and meat salads. The final week we will learn how to make a seafood
salad as well as delicious dessert salads. Instructor: Marsha Slack, Retired FCS Teacher

Location: DHS   Weeks: 3   Starts: 4/9  Day: T   Time: 6-8p   Fee: $79


Home Brewing for Beginners

Want to start brewing your own craft beer? This introductory class will help you get started. This class is for anyone who wishes to better understand the process of extract brewing or for anyone who has never home brewed before and would like to start a new life-long rewarding hobby. You’ll learn about homebrewing history, terminology and processes, necessary equipment, purchasing ingredients, how to effectively clean and sanitize, basic concepts of fermentation science, and how to bottle or package the end product when you are done. The class includes a hands-on demonstration of how to brew 5 gallons of beer using malt extract and steeping grains. You must be at least 21 years of age to enroll. Instructor: Michael Rogers, PhD, Professor, Department of Human Performance Studies, Wichita State University; American Homebrewers Association Homebrewer of the Year

Location: HMC   Weeks: 3   Starts: 4/4   Day: Th   Time: 6:30-9p   Fee: $79
*No class April 18


What's for Dinner? 

On the go and don't have time to prepare meals every evening? These one dish entrées are sure to
please even the pickiest of eaters or hungriest of families, and most are ready to eat in 30 minutes.
Each class you will prepare a different take and bake meal, tailored to your family’s tastes. This course will explore what to look for when purchasing ingredients, cooking terms, the correct tools and equipment to use and how labeling and instructions are important with these types of meals. Instructor: Marsha Slack, Retired FCS Teacher

Location: DHS   Weeks: 3   Starts: 3/21   Day: Th   Time: 6-8p   Fee: $84


Tame Your Electric Pressure Cooker

Were you one of many this past holiday season who purchased and/or was gifted this miracle kitchen gadget, but are too overwhelmed to use it? Whether it is old war stories told by your grandmother of exploding pressure cookers or just feeling overwhelmed by all the buttons, this class is for you. Together with other pressure cooking newbies we will tame your instant pot/multi-cookers so that you can dazzle your family and friends with home cooked meals made in a fraction of the time! Please come to class with your electric pressure cooker and an appetite to learn and to eat.  Instructor: Trisha Thomas

Location: HMC   Weeks: 2   Starts: 5/9   Day: Th   Time: 7-9p   Fee: $79



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