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Sure, you have heard of Amelia Earhart and Dwight D. Eisenhower, but how many of you know Actress Elizabeth Taylor had ties to Kansas? Or that the Tony Awards were the inspiration of a Kansan, as was the architect who designed the Empire State Building. In this class, we will explore Famous Kansans. We will look at those who made news through the years as well as those who inspired and caused us to reach higher for the stars. From the arts to sports, businesses and crusaders, we’ll look at the characters who made Kansas famous. Instructor: Beccy Tanner, Adjunct Instructor, Department of History, Wichita State University

Location: HMC   Weeks: 4   Starts: 10/22   Day: T   Time: 7-9p   Fee: $69



The neighborhood west of the river has been both one of the city’s oldest areas and also the location for its most recent developments. Whether called Elgin, West Wichita or Delano, this area has experienced the cattle years, Victorian boom times and Syrian immigration. It has been the source of the city’s entrepreneurial spirit from Travel Air to local business landmarks. Join us as we explore the many layers of this vibrant and ever-changing part of our city! Instructor: Dr. Jay Price, Chair & Professor, Department of History, Wichita State University

TOUR DATE:  10/19                                     FEE:  $40
10a - Arrive - Hatman Jacks
12p - Lunch
1p – Depart Hartman Jacks



During the 1920s, some of the wealthiest people in the world were turning up dead. This award-winning book, “Killers of the Flower Moon” by best-selling author David Grann, explores how the murders began after oil was discovered on land the Osage owned. The murders prompted the newly-formed FBI to investigate. Currently, the book is in the process of being adapted into a movie by Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio. We’ll discuss the book, the characters and the aftermath as events played out in Oklahoma. Instructor: Beccy Tanner, Adjunct Instructor, Department of History, Wichita State University

Location: HMC   Weeks: 4   Starts: 9/10   Day: T   Time: 7-9p   Fee: $84

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Winston Churchill’s fascinating life spanned nearly a century, a period that saw tremendous changes in Britain as well as abroad and which continue to have relevance in today’s world. Churchill’s role as a statesman, politician, adventurer, writer, painter, humorist, hero and failure was played out against a backdrop of some of the most dramatic events of modern history. Join us as we examine the life, and especially the times, of the world of Churchill, including the echoes of those times and events that still have implications for our world. Lectures, interesting videos and readings, will provide the context for our lively discussions. Instructor: Dr. John Dreifort, Professor of History, Wichita State University, and Executive Secretary, Wichita Committee on Foreign Relations

Location: HMC   Weeks: 10  Starts: 9/5  Day: Th   Time: 1:30-3:30p   Fee: $157



This class will explore the history of Wichita by looking closely at the people who lived and died here. Our journey begins with discussion focused on the notable Wichita residents buried at Highland Cemetery, the oldest cemetery in Wichita. Founded in the 1870s, the cemetery is the final resting place of such notable Wichitans as Harry Dockum, L.W. Clapp, Ben Eaton, Margaret Brown Innes and William “Buffalo Bill” Matthewson. Governor William Stanley and 13 Wichita mayors are also among the 17,000 people buried there. Week one the class will meet at the WSU Metropolitan Complex. Week two the class will conclude with a guided walking tour of Highland Cemetery. Instructor: Barb Myers, Local Historian and President, Friends of the Wichita Pioneers

Location: HMC   Weeks: 2  Starts: 10/12  Day: Sat   Time: 10a-12p   Fee: $49



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