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Diversity and Foods in Kansas

Germans go for bierocks, Czechs eat kaloches, what do the rest of us eat? In the late 19th century, Kansas was filled with pockets of diversity as Swedes, Volga Germans, Italians, Irish and African Americans settled the state in communities often resembling their villages back home. This is a class on how food has defined who we are as Kansans. We will look at the history and the characters who helped spread the word about good food and places to go. Through festivals, fund-raisers and potlucks, this is a class for Kansas foodaholics.  Instructor: Beccy Tanner, Adjunct Instructor, Department of History, Wichita State University

Location: HMC   Weeks: 4   Starts: 3/28   Day: Th   Time: 7-9p   Fee: $69


Historic Walking Tour of the North End 

Originally part of the city’s industrial section, Wichita’s North End has recently become known for its cultural diversity. Join us as we explore the city’s transportation history at Broadway and 21st, highlight landmarks such as the Nomar Theater, reflect on recent revitalization efforts, and study how several generations of immigrants from Latin America and Asia have transformed this neighborhood and Wichita as a whole. Instructor: Dr. Jay Price, Chair & Professor, Department of History, Wichita State University

Tour Date: 4/27   Fee: $40  

9:00 a.m.         Meet at Nomar International Market
11:00 a.m.       Lunch at Connie's Mexico Cafe
1:00 p.m.         Arrive back at Nomar International Market


Great Decisions 2019

Join our weekly conversations as we engage in an exciting and intellectually stimulating discussion of challenging current global issues and their implications for America today and in the future. Lectures, readings and expert commentators provided in video programs developed by the Foreign Policy Association will provide context for our lively discussions.  Topics include Refugees and Global Migration, The Middle East: Regional Disorder, Nuclear Negotiations: Back to the Future, The Rise of
Populism in Europe, Decoding U.S. – China Trade, Cyber Conflicts and Geopolitics, The United States
and Mexico: Partnership Tested, and State of the State Department and Diplomacy. Instructor:
Dr. John Dreifort, Professor of History, Wichita State University & Executive Secretary of the Wichita Committee on Foreign Policy

Location: HMC   Weeks: 10   Starts: 2/7   Day: Th   Time: 1:30-3:30p   Fee: $147 includes text
*No class March 14


Quirky Kansas 

Join us as we continue to explore the quirkier, unique sides of Kansas. Topics include places to go, eat and hang out, famous Kansans and festivals, and unique places you just don't want to miss. After more than four decades as a journalist at The Wichita Eagle, The Salina Journal and other Kansas  newspapers, Beccy Tanner has explored all parts of Kansas and has discovered there are still many more stories to tell. Last year, Tanner was named Kansas’s Finest by the Travel Industry Association of
Kansas. The class evolves each semester with different topics and places to explore. Instructor: Beccy Tanner, Adjunct Instructor, Department of History, Wichita State University

Location: HMC   Weeks:  Starts: 2/5  Day: T   Time: 7-9p   Fee: $89


Gordon Parks, 1912-2006

Photographer, journalist, essayist, autobiographer, biographer, novelist, poet, filmmaker, composer, Kansan. This course will review the life and career of the fifteenth child of Sarah and Andrew Jackson Parks who was born in Fort Scott, Kansas, and who went on
to become an accomplished and recognized creative genius and an international celebrity, starting with his conscious and deliberate decision to let his camera be his “choice of weapons” to fight hatred, discrimination and racism. Together, we will study Parks’ personal and professional life and celebrate his photography, poems, writing, films and artistry. We will also explore Parks’ multiple connections to Wichita and Wichita State University. Instructor: Ted D. Ayres, Vice President and General Counsel Emeritus, Wichita State University

Location: HMC   Weeks: 4  Starts: 3/7  Day: Th   Time: 7-9p   Fee: $79



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