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Beekeeping is a satisfying hobby that has many potential outcomes. Class study will provide the opportunity to become acquainted with the structure of a bee hive. To become a successful beekeeper, one must know the essential tools of operation and understand the correct terminology that applies to the hive structure, the bees and the beekeeper themselves. Students will gain an understanding of the importance of the honeybee to our lifestyles and survival as well as gain an appreciation of this insect’s work ethic and team work used for their colony to survive. Instructors: Jim & Sharon Rowan, Rowan’s Honey Shop

Location: WEST   Weeks:   Starts: 9/9   Day: M   Time: 7-9p   Fee: $69




Attend this two-part class to learn how to tackle your most challenging organizing projects! Part I: Learn the basic steps on how to organize virtually anything! You will have the opportunity to work with experts on specific projects you need help with and you will leave this class with a written plan on how to do this on your own. Part II: Work on your project at home and then attend the second part of this series. We will discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of home organization. This is a very interactive class, which will allow you to learn and support each other as well as receive professional guidance from your instructor. Instructor: Professional Organizer Kirsten Awe, owner of Rightsize Moving Solutions along with her Professional Organizing Team!

Location: HMC   Weeks: 2   Starts: 9/5   Day: Th   Time: 7-9p   Fee: $49



Design your own fall-themed wooden door sign while enjoying coffee and donuts! You will have two fall-themed designs from which to choose. Class will begin with an instructor-led tutorial. You will then work at your own pace as you create a fun, one-of-a-kind work of art. All supplies will be provided. Instructor: Brecken Dunlap, Christabella Craft and Creations

Location: WSUH   Weeks: 1   Starts: 9/28   Day: Sat   Time: 9a-12p   Fee: $59


Floral Arranging

Learn to create unique, personalized, one-of-a- kind floral arrangements that will add color and pizazz to your home décor. Each week you will make one new arrangement using a variety of fresh and silk materials. Weeks one and two: You will work with fresh flowers to create beautiful vase and centerpiece arrangements. Weeks three and four: You will work with silks to construct a fall swag and a winter/Christmas wreath. You will select and purchase silk flowers in your choice of colors, as well as ribbon, Christmas bulbs and any other fun elements that you want to incorporate into your designs. A supply list will be provided for each week. Instructor: Tisha Tucker, Perfect Petals

Location: HMC   Weeks: 4   Starts: 9/4   Day: W   Time: 7-9p   Fee: $59



“Where do I even start?” This is a common question asked when people get ready to move to a smaller home. Join us to learn how to answer this question as well as the step-bystep processes needed to get you from “Where do I start?” to “I can do this!” You will learn all steps needed to get you from preparing, who to talk to and how to figure out what to take to what to do with your remaining items. Instructor: Certified Senior Relocation Specialist Kirsten Awe, owner of Rightsize Moving Solutions and Liz Beugelsdyk owner of L&L Family Estate Sale

Location: HMC   Weeks: 1   Starts: 9/10   Day: T   Time: 7-9p   Fee: $39



This six-week course focuses on gardening best practices that begin in the fall and last into the early spring—be it vegetables, flowers, shrubs or trees. How do we offer our garden the seasonal care it deserves? Keeping the mercurial nature of Kansas weather in mind, we will discuss the important garden tasks that keep our plants looking their best all year long. Starting with autumn, we will learn when and how to divide perennials, where and what variety of bulbs to plant, how to put a vegetable garden to bed properly for the winter, and the proper way to “clean up” flower beds. We will also talk about the advantages of fall vegetable gardening including hoop houses and cold frames. Winter is a great time for planning, building garden projects and, most of all, perusing the garden catalogues. We will learn how to prune shrubs and trees while they are dormant. Last but not least, we will discuss when and how to start seed indoors. Instructor: Kelly Caswell, Master Gardener

Location: HMC   Weeks: 6   Starts: 9/4   Day: W   Time: 6-8p   Fee: $89


Rightsize to Organize

Not sure where to begin or how to go about rightsizing your home? Learn how to navigate the process of simplifying your life with triedand- true strategies that will take you from cluttered to organized! Instructor: Kirsten Awe, Owner, Rightsize Moving Solutions

Location: HMC   Weeks: 1   Starts: 9/26  Day: Th   Time: 7-9p   Fee: $39



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