EECS Graduate Programs

Program Overview, Admission & Degree Requirements

The Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at the Wichita State University offers the following four graduate degree programs. Admission and degree requirements of the graduate programs are available at the following links:

  1. Master of Science in Computer Networking (MSCN)
  2. Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS)
  3. Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering (MSECE) 
  4. Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (PhDEECS)
  5. Graduate Certificate in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity

All prospective and current graduate students are strongly encouraged to carefully read all information relevant to them by following one of the above links, corresponding to the program of their interest and semester of admission.

Other Information for Prospective and Current Students

All other information for prospective students, such as student fees, application procedure and deadlines, TOEFL/IELTS requirements for international students ect. is available from the WSU Graduate School's webpage. All questions about these issues should be sent only to the Graduate School, and not to the department. The department. The department does not receive any admission applications or supporting documents directly from students seeking admission into these programs.

Applicants who do not have the minimum required TOEFL/IELTS score, but who satisfy all other admission requirements of the program they wish to be admitted into, can be simultaneously admitted into the WSU Intensive English Program. More details about this option are available only from the WSU Office of International Education and the WSU Graduate School.

Admission Deferrals

Occasionally, admitted international students who have an I-20 from the Wichita State University, are unable to arrive in Wichita for the semester of their admission. This may happen due to various reasons, such as inability to obtain a US visa on time. Such students need to defer their admission to a later semester and obtain a new I-20 for that semester. A new I-20 can be requested by online submission of the Readmission Request Form.

Assistantships and Other Employment Opportunities

Any student who has been admitted into one of these programs is eligible to apply for a departmental teaching assistantship. To apply, please complete the GTA Application Form, and submit it along with a photocopy of transcripts to the departmental address given on the form. Teaching assistantships at WSU may only be awarded to international students who have either obtained a score of at least 23 on the Speaking Component of TOEFL, a score of at least 50 on TSE (Test of Spoken English) or a score an IELTS score of 7.0. Students without either of these scores can take TSE on campus by completing the TSE Referral Form and submitting to the WSU Office of International Education. Domestic students do not need to submit the English scores.

Some faculty members in the department, at times, also offer research assistantships. Students interested in applying for these need to contact individual faculty members directly about current availability of positions.

Several other employment opportunities are often available on campus, such as in the Ablah Library, Barton School of Business, etc., but these opportunities are best explored after arriving on campus.

Course Selection and Plans-of-Study

Students of these programs are free to register for courses according to the degree requirements mentioned in the program brochures. No appointment with the Graduate Coordinator is necessary for receiving "permission" to take any courses. Students are encouraged to choose courses from those offered in any semester according to their personal tastes and future professional goals, as long as the chosen courses meet the degree requirements stated on the program brochures.

Each student, at some stage, needs to complete and get approved a Graduate Plan-of-Study that lists all specific courses that student will take to obtain the degree. MS students should submit their Plan-of-Study upon completion of 12 hours of degree work, and PhD students should complete before completing their qualifying examinations.

Students are encouraged to complete their Plan-of-Study Form themselves after deciding the set of all courses they will take for their degree. This set of courses should meet the degree requirements of their program.

Any course taken by a student for an undergraduate degree, at any institution, cannot be taken here again towards a graduate degree.

Remember to state the appropriate Major Code Number on your Plan-of-Study form:

  • G35B for MSCN, MSCN Addendum Form (This addendum is required and must be filled together with the plan of study form.)
  • G35A for MSCS, MSCS Addendum Form (This addendum is required and must be filled together with the plan of study form.)
  • G34A for MSECE, or
  • G10G for PhDEECS (PhD students also need to submit this Addendum along with their Plan-of-Study).

For MSEE students, please follow special instructions to file the Plan of Study.

For other MS students, after completing and signing this form, please submit it to the Graduate Secretary, Ms. Kayla Cunningham, in Room 249BA Jabara Hall for verification, approval, and further processing. No appointment with the Graduate Coordinator is necessary for completion or signing of this form.

Changing MS Program of Study

Occassionally, some MS students decide to change their program of study, for example, from MSECE to MSCN, or from MSCN to MSCS, etc. The procedure for making such a switch is to apply to the WSU Graduate School for admission into the new program, along with the application fee. As the Graduate School already possesses all supporting documents of existing students (past transcripts, TOEFL/IELTS scores, etc.), those usually do not need to be resubmitted along with the new admission application. For international students, any change of program is put into effect from the student's second semester at WSU, or later. Please contact the Graduate School for more details.

Form signing process

(Reduced Course Load, I-20 extension, exception forms, ect.)

  • Please fill in the form. Please be sure to include your name, mywsu ID, and any information that is neccessary for our office to approve the form.
  • If you are a project of thesis student, please be sure to have your project or thesis adviser sign the form if approiate.
  • Submit the form to Ms. Kayla Cunningham, Jabara 249BA, in the form drop box attached to her door.

Professional and Scholarly Integrity Training (PSIT)

All EECS MS and PhD students need to complete PSIT before graduation, preferably within the first year of study.

Detailed, step-by-step instructions for completing this requirement are available in this link.

Taking Reduced Course Load

By law, all international students are required to register for at least 9 credit-hours of courses each semester. However, sometimes students need or want to register for fewer credit-hours. As an example, students left with less than 9 credit-hours to complete their degree need only to register for those remaining hours in their last semester. As another example, students with graduate assistantships are allowed to register for as little as 6 credit-hours. All such students need to complete the Full Course Load Certification Form. Students with graduate assistantships must attach a copy of their assistantship offer with this form. After completing and signing this form, please submit it, along with any supporting documents, to the Graduate Secretary, Ms. Kayla Cunningham, in Room 249BA Jabara Hall for verification, approval, and further processing.

Paper Requirement for MS Thesis Students

All EECS MS thesis students, by the date of their defense, are required to submit, or have ready to submit, with the approval of their advisor, one paper, that is based on their thesis, to an external peer-reviewed conference or journal.

This requirement is checked at the time thesis students schedule a date for their Oral Defense. To schedule this date, all thesis students need to complete the following two forms:

After completing and signing these forms, please submit them to the Graduate Coordinator or the Graduate Secretary, Ms. Kayla Cunningham, in Room 249BA Jabara Hall for verification, approval, and further processing. Contact information of graduate coordinators can be found on the Main EECS Graduate Programs page.

Contact Email

For any graduate programs related questions that are not answered by the information/links on this page, please send an email to and give 1-2 business days for a response. Alternatively, contact information of graduate coordinators can be found on the Main EECS Graduate Programs page.