WSU CORE Laboratory engages in research related to control and optimization of aerospace systems, with a focus on space applications.   



CORE Members

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Assistant Professor

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PhD Student,

NASA Future Investigator

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MS Student, Graduate Research Assistant

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Undergraduate Student, NASA JumpStart Program

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Undergraduate Student, NASA JumpStart Program

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John V. Breakwell Student Travel award from the American Astronautical Society, won by Suwat Sreesawet for his paper at AAS/AIAA Space Flight Mechanics Conference, 2017.

Dora Wallace Hodgson Outstanding Graduate Student Award from WSU Graduate School, won by Suwat Sreesawet, 2017.

Kansas Capitol Graduate Research Symposium award won by Alex Foster, 2015.

WSU Engineering Open House awards (AIAA and AE) won jointly by Hooloomann Hommes Ramdial and Eric LaRue, 2016.

WSU Honors College Undergraduate Student Research Grant won by Samadini Weerasekara Arachchilage (2017), Ehiremen Nathaniel Omoarebun (2015).

WSU Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Forum second-place award won by Nathan Templon, 2014.


Nikolas Bascue, 

Lakshay Arora,  

Matthew Kronfeld,  

Prathyusha Karampudi, 

Biraj Gupta, M.S. 2017, working at Cessna, Textron Aviation.

Tyler Olson, M.S. 2016, working at Harris Corporation.

Christina Wilson, B.S. 2015, pursuing her graduate studies at Georgia Tech.

Alex Foster, B.S. 2014, working at Bombardier Aerospace.

Sainath Vijayan, working at Bastion Technologies.


07-2019: Mr. Pardhasai Chadalavada is a NASA Future Investigator! His proposal entitled "Continuous Monitoring of Hurricanes Using RaIn CubeSats" has been selected by NASA FINESST Program Earth Science Division. Prof. Dutta is the PI on the proposal. NASA FINESST program funded only 120 of the submitted 966 proposals across all divisions. The project duration is 3 years. Congratulations Pardhasai! 

05-2019: Profs. Schwartz (Philosophy), Solomey (Physics) and Dutta were awarded a grant from Kansas Space Grant Consortium to organize a 1-day symposium to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo landing and 60 years of NASA missions. More details on the symposim will follow.  

05-2019: Ms. Prathyusha Karampudi defended her M.S. thesis on determining de-orbit times for on-orbit debris removal using ground-based laser ablation. Congratulations Prathyusha!   


04-2019: Under the leadership of Prof. Nick Solomey (Physics), a team of researchers from Wichita State University, South Dakota State University and NASA Marshall won the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Phase-II grant award. The WSU CORE laboratory will support the work on orbit analysis, mission design and preliminary cost analysis for the proposed solar neutrino mission. 


11-2018: Suwat Sreesawet completes his Ph.D. by defending his dissertation on the optimal orbit-raising and attitude control of all-electric satellites. Congrats Dr. Suwat Sreesawet! 


09-2018: Full-length article by Mr. Sreesawet and Prof. Dutta was published in the AIAA Journal of Guidance, Control and Dynamics. The paper is available at 


02-2018: Prof. Dutta was selected as an 2017 Outstanding Reviewer by the Journal of Aerospace Engineering published by the American Society of Civil Engineers. 


05-2017: Mr. Sreesawet received Dora Wallace Hodgson Outstanding Graduate Student Award from WSU Graduate School for his research and academic excellence. Congratulations Suwat!   


02-2017: Mr. Sreesawet received John V. Breakwell Graduate Student Travel Award from the American Astronautical Society for his paper "A Novel Methodology for Fast and Robust Computation of Low-Thrust Orbit-Raising Trajectories," presented at the AIAA/AAS Space Flight Mechanics Meeting in San Antonio, TX in February 2017. Congratulations Suwat!  


12-2016: Prof. Dutta was named an Excellent Reviewer for the AIAA Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics (JGCD) between Oct. 1, 2015 – Sept. 30, 2016. 

Theses and Dissertations 
S. Sreesawet, "A New Algorithm to Generate Low-Thrust Spacecraft Trajectories," Dec 2014.


Funding Acknowledgments 

PI, Multi-objective optimization framework for spacecraft low-thrust orbit-raising, Kansas NASA-EPSCOR Program Seed Research Initiation grant, 2014-2015.

Co-PI, Technology Development for a Deep Space Dark Matter Search Experiment, WSU Multidisciplinary Research Project Award, 2016.

PI, Incorporating Intrepreneurial Mindset Learning in 'Introduction to Space Dynamics', Brenton Myers Innovation in Engineering Education Award, 2017.

PI, Experimental Test-Bed for Spacecraft Attitude Maneuver Detection, WSU Award for Research/Creative Projects in Summer, 2017. 


A. Dutta, "Algorithms for Optimal Scheduling of Multiple Spacecraft Maneuvers," International Conference and Exposition on Satellite, Aug 2015. (Invited)

S. Chakraborty, "Investigating Rover Operations as Part of an Experimental Demonstration of Rover-CubeSat Collaboration," WSU Symposium on Graduate Research and Scholarly Projects, Apr 2015. 


A. Foster, S. Sreesawet, S. Vijayan, A. Dutta, "Methods for Optimizing Trajectories of All-Electric Satellites for Multiple Variables and Launch Conditions," presented by Alexander Foster at Kansas Capitol Graduate Research Symposium, Topeka KS, Feb 2015, won award.

Sainath Vijayan, "Low Thrust Orbit Transfer Trajectory Optimization," WSU Symposium on Graduate Research and Scholarly Projects, Apr 2015.

Eric LaRue and Hooloomann Ramdial,