AE-415: Introduction to Space Dynamics

Fundamentals of orbital mechanics and rigid body dynamics, two-body problems, orbital maneuvers and orbital determination, rigid body kinematics, and kinetics. Prerequisites: AE 227 and AE 373. Click here for more information.

AE-715: Intermediate Space Dynamics

Advanced topics in orbital mechanics-vector mechanics perspective of the two-body problem; fast transfers; interplanetary missions including gravity assist maneuver and intercept problem; atmospheric entry. Prerequisite: AE 415 or instructor's consent. Click here for more information.

AE-773: Intermediate Dynamics

An extension of AE 373. Studies the kinematics and kinetics of particles and rigid bodies for two- and three-dimensional motion. Includes an introduction to vibratory motion, dynamic stability of linear systems and Lagrange's equations. Prerequisite: AE 373. Click here for more information.